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High Speed Motion Control

Mark Roberts Motion Control have supplied industrial robots running from user and film-industry-friendly software for high speed shooting for many years. These have become very popular recently. These robots can be used for different applications but they are excellent for high speed table top shoots with cameras like Phantoms or as model movers.

Some of the advantges that MRMC can offer when controlling such high speed units include:

  • Flair software specifically designed for getting the exact move required in as little time as possible, so time can be spent on lighting and aesthetics rather than programming.
  • Also drive additional model movers or lens motors.
  • Flair has a complete mathematical model of the rig and can automatically adjust focus at high speed, to keep the target sharp.
  • Interfaces to relays and DMX lighting controls for controlling external devices, and it can trigger the camera at any point in the move.
  • Complete safe operation and safety of the robot built into the software.
  • Flair will calculate maximum allowed speeds for any move, even without the robot attached.
  • Flair is industry standard software that can be used for high-speed, live-action or animation.

As well as these high speed Robots, MRMC has also had a high speed linear motor available for many years combining high speed shooting with motion control.

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