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Motion Base | Stewart Platform

Stewart Platform for Ultimate Freedom of Movement

These platforms, with their 6-degrees of freedom, provide the ultimate in movement. Capable of moving objects large and small in any direction their usage is almost limitless. These versatile units have been used to make cars appear to be moving along a bumpy road while stationary in the studio, or even make the car shake back and forth like a large dog drying itself. They are often used with actors against a green screen to make them appear to be riding giant animals or flying space crafts etc. These units are high speed super powerful servo units, giving the user the ability to move the model in any linear direction with any rotational direction.

In addition to the motorized platforms themselves, we can also provide scale models “maquettes”, of the platforms with special sensors built-in to allow the user to move the scale models by hand and thereby control the full-size rig.

Stewart Platform

Motion Base Controller

The motion base controller is a miniature model of a full-size 6-DOF (Degree-of-Freedom) motionbase platform (also known as a Stewart Platform) which provides an intuitive method of controlling or programming the full-size version.

The miniature model can be moved by hand and the full-size rig will mimic the motion. The motion base controller can be supplied to the exact size and requirement of the user and incorporates optical encoders for high accuracy and stability of motion.

The fantastic video below made by the team at Stiller Studios demonstrates using the Stewart Platform to create a great post-apocalypse short film.

Dawn Of The Stuff – Behind The Scenes from Stiller Studios on Vimeo.


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