New Orbital Rig for 360 Degree Spin Photography

The new Orbital rig is specifically designed to simplify and dramatically reduce the time taken to take product shots for e-commerce or museum archival projects. Designed to be very fast in moving from position to position, saving valuable time resources when there are thousands of products to shoot. Major online retailers typically have at least 10,000 products to shoot, each from multiple angles to get a good 3D spin, while many have over 100,000, while museums can have millions of artefacts. As an example, the British Natural History museum has over 61 million artefacts, most of which are never seen, but 360 photography and scanning could make all the artefacts available to researchers and the masses.

The Orbital rig comes in different sizes and is made specifically to quickly take photos from all angles of product and items for online retail and museum artefact archiving. Turntables can be any size. Precise, fast and quick to use with the precision found standardly in Mark Roberts Motion Control products.

Studiobot for New London Live 24/7 TV Channel

Lights, Camera, Action – MRMC used by new 24/7 TV channel

London, UK, 25th February 2014 -  Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) today announces that London Live, the first 24 hour entertainment channel devoted to London, will be using MRMC broadcast robotic products in their new London-based studio.

Working with Mark Roberts Motion Control and Nikon, London Live has helped develop a new state-of-the-art robotic system, featuring a nine axis robotic arm at the heart of the automated studio. Additionally, 5 robotic heads, from MRMC, carrying cameras and tele-prompters, will work together to provide a complete automated studio environment. The channel will be broadcasting live using Nikon D800 and D4 series cameras for a full-frame 35mm cinematic effect.

Steve Boland, Broadcast Business Development Manager at MRMC says: “This exciting new solution combines the stunning image quality that Nikon is famed for, with the precision that comes from MRMC robotics to offer a state of the art automated work flow for London Live.

“By working with the 24/7 TV channel we’ve been able to develop a cost-effective solution that allows broadcasters to operate in niche demographic markets, catering for regional broadcast requirements.”

Bryn Balcombe, Technology Director, London Live says: “Building a television channel from scratch has given us an exciting opportunity to source the most innovative new technology and find less traditional and more cost-effective ways of doing things. Mark Roberts Motion Control’s broadcast robotics solution will be perfect for our new London-based studio, allowing us to provide fast-paced, 24 hour broadcasting without compromising the image quality for our viewers”.

London Live launches on 31st March 2014. More details about the innovative technology will be available following the launch of the channel.

Check out the robotic arm that has been developed for use by London Live at BVE show from 25th – 27th February 2014 at London’s Excel. For more information about the show visit

Live Transatlantic Ethernet Broadcast Robotics – PRESS RELEASE


The future of broadcast took a giant leap last recently with successful tests of live-action control of robotic cameras, from Kent, England, to Sao Paolo, Brazil, over the internet.

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), world leaders in robotics and motion control for the TV and film industry, were pleased to have the opportunity to use one their new high-speed pan tilt heads, the AFC-180S, at a major sporting event in Brazil on the 24th of November, while controlling the head remotely from a broadcast control centre in Kent – over ethernet with less than a fifth of a second delay.

MRMC have years of experience of designing and building state-of-the-art robotics, for everything from the latest blockbusters, like the current Oscar favourite “Gravity” (Sandra Bullock floated in space with the help of MRMC), to capturing the action and glory at the Olympics and Wimbledon.

The AFC-180S is their new, extremely compact pan tilt head with speeds of 180 degrees per second, and full HD slip-rings, capable of carrying 15kg payloads. Ideal for sports broadcasts. It controls the lens and powers the camera. On this occasion it was fitted with the newest Grass Valley LDX camera and a standard broadcast zoom lens, all controlled remotely via a single ethernet connection, with the operator sitting at a joystick control in England. Images were streamed back to the operator using a high speed internet link while feeding back the control signals to the head. The delays were minimal and allowed the operator to very easily control the camera without having to compensate heavily for lag.

Assaff Rawner, Managing Director at MRMC said, “The future of outside broadcasting is rapidly heading towards a new model, where heads are setup just prior to events, or permanently installed at venues, and cameramen and operators can control their equipment, in any location in the world, without leaving the country, or even their office or armchair. Our robotics is key to making this possible, as well as the rapidly growing field of ethernet enabled cameras and the rapid spread of high speed internet. Together the field of OB will continue its rapid change in 2014”



MRMC Round-up of BIRTV and IBC 2013 Preview


BIRTV 2013 Entrance

MRMC partnered with Century Sage Scientific Group to introduce Polycam and the AFC-100 pan and tilt head to the Chinese market at BIRTV exhibition last month.

CSS Stand at BIRTV

CSS Stand at BIRTV


As a leading broadcast system integrator, CSS has the reputation, strong client base and technical expertise to showcase and introduce pioneering technology such as Polycam to the broadcast market in China.
A two-camera AFC-100 Polycam SOLO configuration was on display and numerous demonstrations were given to leading TV Stations and Broadcasters throughout the four day exhibit. The Polycam range of Solo, Velocity and Auto offers many benefits for sports and live productions, but the show also generated interest for studio applications. The high speed performance of the compact AFC-100 also attracted attention. With a new version capable of 180° per second, getting closer to high speed sports becomes a safer option without compromising the shots. 

Polyucam Set-up @ BIRTV

Polyucam Set-up @ BIRTV

BIRTV Set-up

BIRTV Set-up

Looking forwards – MRMC will be at IBC 2013 where you will find us on stand IBC Hall: 11 Stand G35

You will be able to see Bolt High Speed Cinebot for the first time ever at IBC, along with the newest editions of the Polycam set-up. All are welcome to come see us and talk shop.

Bolt will be on Display @ IBC 2013

Bolt will be on Display @ IBC 2013

For more details about MRMC or our products please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control on: [email protected] +441342 838 000 or look us up on the web: 

MRMC Polycam on display @ BIRTV 2013

MRMC will be exhibiting at BIRTV this year as guests of CSS Group. Come to Booth 8A02 and you will be able to see Polycam configuration with 2 AFC-100 Broadcast HeadsPolycam allows the AFC-100 heads to be controlled simultaneously by one joystick operator. As the master camera pans, tilts, zooms and focuses, the 2nd camera will follow the same point of interest from a different perspective.

Please see the below videos for an introduction to Polycam and it's capabilities: 


Also please see the AFC-100 Broadcast Head video below:



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