Robo-Trumble Featuring StudioBot Wins Best Advertising Award

A great video made a few years back by Nikon Ambassador John Wright for Nikon featuring the StudioBot with a Nikon D810 recently won Best Advertising Award at the 2016 BAFTA Qualifying.

The video features the StudioBot and ex Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt performing a kind of ‘dance off’ together. The production was shot entirely on a Nikon D810 and demonstrates the level of creative control available using both Nikon and MRMC’s robotic solutions. The StudioBot controlled through Flair software is animated to dance with Kimberly. No CGI was used in the making of this production and all camera positions where robotic or static.

Robo-Trumble wins Best Advertising Award at the 2016 BAFTA Qualifying featuring StudioBot

Behind the Scenes – Making of Robo-Trumble

You can also see behind the scenes video which delves into the different aspects, including: the thought process; humanising the robot; and of course demonstrating the quality and precision of the equipment used.

For more information and to see other films visit The Aesthetica Short Film Festival website here

MRMC ‘Team Commandos’ Conquer!

A small elite unit was sent out to represent the MRMC team, to conquer The Commando Series – a grueling 12km obstacle course that includes replicas of the Royal Marines Endurance, Assault and Tarzan courses.

The team, inventively codenamed ‘MRMC’, included Laddi, Rob, Mark, Billy, Lidia and Sam – a crack squad of freakishly fit MRMC operatives.

The course contains 36 of the toughest obstacles straight out of the Commando test book; this is the only event that can recreate the mud, sweat and pain of modern day Royal Marines commando training. Money raised from the race helps support The Royal Marines Charity.

Lidia commented after the race:

“It was a fantastic team building adventure and I really enjoyed every moment of it – even the freezing cold water! Looking forward to doing it again next year. I want to thank my company for sponsoring us, and the team for taking part” 

See their adventure below!











Bolt on Track Captures that ‘One Moment’


Our LA sister company, Camera Control Inc., recently filmed the most technically difficult job ever undertaken. The shoot was for OK GO’s ‘One Moment’ music video. The group, famous for their painstakingly rehearsed choreography, pushed the limits of motion control that resulted in a visually stunning single high-speed shot.

The entire video lasts a total of 4.20 seconds! However, once slowed down and played back at 24 frames per second, the viewer is treated to a stunning display of technical wizardry from a wall of exploding paint to guitars being blown out of the air. In total, there are 318 events that had to be triggered!

The director and lead singer of the band said about the shoot:

“We used very precise digital triggers to set off several hundred events in extremely quick succession. The triggers were synchronised to high-speed robotic arms (Bolt on track) which whipped the cameras along the path of the action”

Watch behind the scenes video below to see how technical the shoot was and how precise it all had to be to make it work. This video would have been virtually impossible without the Bolt High-Speed CineBot on track and the software to program exact and repeatable moves.

Full credits and background notes for the video can be found by click here

New Compact Pan-Tilt Systems at Government Video Expo Washington


Exhibiting PTZ Systems @ Government Video Expo

MRMC are thrilled to be exhibiting its range of new compact pan-tilt systems for the first time at the Government Video Expo in Washington on 7th and 8th December. As a global leader in the manufacture of Motion Control and Robotic Camera Technology, MRMC will showcase some of the solutions that have transformed many of its client’s workflow techniques and production efficiencies.

Range of Pan-Tilt Robotic Heads

Whisper: Silent, Fast Robotic Pan-tilt HeadAt the show MRMC will introduce a range of new compact pan-tilt systems, each with unique features, together with examples of automated tracking, customised manufacturing, open architecture design and 3rd party integrated solutions.

Dan Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing MRMC comments

“Over the last few years our client portfolio has expanded to include solutions for legislative installations, news and current affairs studios and automated target tracking applications and the time is right to bring these products and services to one of the leading US shows in this market sector.”

For more information about the show

MRMC create pan-tilt heads and tracking technologies to allow easy, accurate control of pan-tilt units for many different applications. From instruments and cameras to surveillance equipment. All our systems are Ethernet based allowing easy integration into third party systems.

The Milo Motion Control Rig Made Entirely of Lego!

We thought this was just brilliant and had to post it up. The video below shows the Milo Motion Control Rig created completely out of Lego. Created by Yoursimo – a designer of all things made out of Lego. Incredibly it has full movement, running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle (outer arm), pan, tilt and roll.

The Milo Motion Control Rig they’ve made, as you will see in the video below, incredibly has full movement – running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle (outer arm), pan, tilt and roll.

We’d love to know how long this took to create?


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