Projection Mapping, 4K UltraHD production & Season’s Greetings 2014

Projection Mapping & Motion Control – the partnership grows.

Projection mapping and augmented reality are still in their infancy but as techniques and technology improve, they will make their way further into productions. Projection mapping when combined with motion control can achieve phenomenal effects and, as camera technology changes to include depth information, it offers the opportunity to not only achieve effects without greenscreens but also with little or no post production.

By using projection mapping and aligning the projection with the motion control camera’s point of view, in-camera effects can be created in real-time that then do not necessarily need compositing in post. There is still much work to do before that becomes the norm, but the number of projects using projection mapping is increasing and here is a fun recent commercial that uses projection mapping to achieve all its effects in-camera for the final ad.

Shot by The VFX Company, using one of their Milos on location in a quiet suburb in the middle of the night, the unsuspecting neighbours were “enlightened” while all the effects were shot in-camera projected onto a house.

Directed by Mike Sharpe of Found Studio, and with Tony Miller as DOP,  they teamed up with VCCP to create a television commercial for Hiscox Insurance. Found and NTSH produced the commercial using an ordinary residential house in Watford as their canvas.

The VFX Co added “We are pleased that we had the opportunity to work on this project and that the client was happy.”

You can view the making of here

London’s first fully 4K Studio

The AFC-100 Robotic Pan-Tilt heads complete Celebro Studios, London’s first fully 4K Studio.

In the centre of London, metres from Oxford Circus, sits Celebro Studios (, a brand new state of the art, purpose-built studio that offers huge potential in capturing and delivering 4K media. The 2000 square foot TV and film studio boasts a wide range of high tech gear, including MRMC supplied robotic 4K TV cameras, fibre optic networking and revolutionary LED lighting. 

Meticulously designed to offer all-purpose media production, Wesley Dodd, Chief Executive has 

utilised his vast experience to ensure London’s first fully 4K studio lives up to expectation, and is future proofed to capture and deliver high quality 4K content. Two years in planning and implementation, the studio is now operational and in full swing.
“The studio is purpose-built for broadcast, digital and web streaming, and represents a significant investment in what we see as the future of TV. A lot of broadcasters, publishers and NGOs are looking to make TV-standard programmes that might not necessarily be broadcast in the traditional way and may instead be streamed over the Internet.” Said Dodd.
 Wesley Dodd is a creative programme maker and consultant who has delivered high profile projects for some of the worlds top brands and broadcasters, with the likes of the Discovery Channel, BBC World Service and Coca Cola notable on his C.V. Wesley’s sister company Celebro Media Networks is hugely influential throughout Europe and particularly in Russia, where they have produced and delivered a wide range of high end projects for MTV and BBC, and recently created a BBC English Language drama broadcast in over 47 countries.
Dodd goes on to say “We chose MRMC robotic heads to fit in with our state of the art facility. The AFC-100 offered unparalleled integration into our ethernet infrastructure, superb payload in a small package, smooth motion and the ability for customization, allowing us to cost effectively control lenses suitable for 4K that did not have integrated lens motors. MRMC adapted the heads to our needs, 
including motorizing our lenses and offering mounting facilities for the teleprompters and bespoke mounting of the heads to the pedestals.”
The studio contains 3 ethernet controlled AFC-100 robotic heads
each carrying 4K camera, lens, teleprompter and lens control motors. Celebro Studios are having an open day demonstrating their facilities and a live demonstration of 4K UltraHD broadcast & streaming in collaboration with Streambox on the 18th of December in London.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.


Please note that we are closed for business from 12:00 on Wednesday the 24th of December and open again at 09:00 on Monday the 5th of January.


For urgent service requests please contact one of our Service Engineers who will be available 24/7/365 as always, but prefer to have Christmas day off. 

November 2014 Newsletter in Full

Here's our irregular newsletter packed full of goodness!
  • High-speed BOLT arrives on the track
  • Motion Control in worldwide features
  • SKY Sports scores with MRMC robotics

High Speed BOLT arrives on the Track

The fastest and the best has an upgrade!

We got bored of people asking when are we going to put the Bolt on track, so we did it. 

With 4m per second track speed, 6m per second achievable at camera and phenomenal acceleration, to get up to speed quickly, this Bolt doesn't hang about. Portable with extendible length rails, it is simply the best available system. Currently in the UK, its already being used on a 3 month production. How 'bout them apples? 

Below is the latest Bolt commercial shoot with Park Village for the 'The Slow Mo Guys” YouTube spot. How 'bout them melons? 



Motion Control in World-wide Features

What's the latest in Special Effects

In the world of modern features it can be hard to tell what is real and what is CGI. In fact, most assume that if a special effect can't be real, then it must be digital, but many special effects still rely heavily on motion control to film in the first place before any digital effect can be added. So much so that the use of motion control in features is currently growing as it allows for the creation of the impossible and saves time and costs in post-production. Here is a list of recent features using equipment manufactured by MRMC.


Tarzan – Kingsman: The Secret Service – Into the Woods – Paddington – Edge of Tomorrow – X-Men: Days of Future Past –300: Rise of an Empire – Pan – Avengers II: Age of Ultron – Jupiter Ascending – Legend – Cinderella – Maleficent – 47 Ronin – Gravity – Jack the Giant Slayer – Skyfall – Kick Ass II – Prometheus

SKY Sports score with MRMC robotics

Darts Captured with Precision

MRMC are proud to complete a year of extensive darts coverage with Sky Sports.
Travelling to 20 separate venues around the UK, Ireland and Germany, Sky Sports darts coverage includes the World Darts Championship, Premier League Darts, World Cup of Darts, World Grand Prix Darts & Grand Slam of Darts.
Using MRMC built Ulti-heads and AFC-100 pan tilt heads, controlled from Pan-bars and Joystick panel, the systems travelled from venue to venue, performing reliably and consistently throughout.
The heads were chosen due to their payload and more specifically for their ultra-precision and smooth motion. With cameras set back at distance, the motions from one location on the dart board to another were in some cases just fractions of degrees.
The fine resolution and electronic gearing of the heads allow the camera operators to use very long lenses with fine control and get smooth motion time and time again.  



And Finally…

Just remember we do a huge variety of motion control precision products, fromMilos, Bolts & Titans to Broadcast heads, turntables and "custom things that move" - we are only a click away

Curry’s/PC World motion control commercial making of

MrMoco Rentals and the Titan travelled to Prague with Partizan to shoot the latest Currys/PC World commercial.

The commercial shows how with the stores 10,000 plus products, it can help you get to the one that's right for you. Directed by Chris Cairns, who we'd worked with previously on Partizan's Schwartz Flavour Shots, the commercial uses a mixture of motion control and computer timing systems to perfectly manoeuvre the products with mechanical pulleys, wires and pneumatic rams.



Above is the full length commercial


There are many benefits to the Titan's telescopic arm. Firstly, less track needs to be laid on set, which means it doesn't dictate or inhibit the action in front of camera and saves time in post by not having to paint out track.The Titan is the longest motion control crane arm in the world with a maximum lens height of close to 9m. The telescopic axis also allows a greater amount of freedom for directors to be more creative in planning their shots.



Above is the making of

November 2014 Newsletter –

Its been a long time since we updated this. Long overdue here is one of our recent newsletters:

SUMMARY (click on any of these 3 links):

New Orbital Rig for 360 Degree Spin Photography

The new Orbital rig is specifically designed to simplify and dramatically reduce the time taken to take product shots for e-commerce or museum archival projects. Designed to be very fast in moving from position to position, saving valuable time resources when there are thousands of products to shoot. Major online retailers typically have at least 10,000 products to shoot, each from multiple angles to get a good 3D spin, while many have over 100,000, while museums can have millions of artefacts. As an example, the British Natural History museum has over 61 million artefacts, most of which are never seen, but 360 photography and scanning could make all the artefacts available to researchers and the masses.

The Orbital rig comes in different sizes and is made specifically to quickly take photos from all angles of product and items for online retail and museum artefact archiving. Turntables can be any size. Precise, fast and quick to use with the precision found standardly in Mark Roberts Motion Control products.



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