General Elektrik’s Quirky New Music Video Created with Motion Control

General Elektriks new music video Different Blue directed by Arno Salters, demonstrates some excellent examples of Motion Control; the quirky new music video sees the band being cloned progressively more and more throughout the video. This kind of precision repeat pass work can only be accurately achieved through the use of motion control. The shoot, filmed in Berlin was done using Mastermoves Milo Rig, operated by Heiko Matting



Popular music videos often take advantage of using motion control, helping to create captivating visuals to complement the story. Recent projects using moco include OK Go’s ‘The One Moment’ and Kendrik Lamar’s ‘Humble’ video – with over 380 million views!!

The Milo is an Academy Award-winning motion control rig – for more information click here Milo Outline


CEO Photo


I would like to take a moment at the end of the year to thank customers, colleagues and suppliers for your loyalty and support over the past twelve months. I recognise we wouldn’t be where we are without the contributions made by each and every one of you, and I am very appreciative of this… thank you.

2017 has been a year of development, expansion and growth for MRMC. We have restructured operations, increased our brand profile and we continue to ship our robotic products all over the world. As I write, we have shipped 15 large rigs including Bolt High-Speed Cinebots, StudioBots, Milos, Talos, Modula and both Orbital and Orbital XL in the past 2 months alone.

MRMC Workshop Floor

From starting out manufacturing products for movie making, MRMC today have developed innovative solutions for movies, broadcast, sports, live events and product photography. As markets continue to emerge, so products will continue to be developed to meet customer needs.

In 2017, we were proud to have supplied our camera robotic products for major sporting events from FINA World Swimming to London 2017 Athletics, from tennis at Wimbledon to soccer stadiums, from World Darts to Winter Sports.

For certain, we know exciting and challenging times await MRMC in 2018, but more than ever we are confident with the team, culture and enthusiasm we have – MRMC has never been better placed to meet these times.

Amidst all these changes, our primary focus will be to build on the foundations of the business. We will continue to ensure provision of quality products, improved service and innovation in every market sector we operate, heralding a new era which we are confident will have a positive impact on the business, as well as the industry.

Have a restful and happy holiday season with your family and friends. I look forward to working with you all in the New Year and wish you a successful and prosperous 2018.

Assaff Rawner
CEO, Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC)

Rite Media Group Shoots Coke Zero Spot With Bolt

Coke Zero Spot With Bolt


The team over at Rite Media Group in Atlanta were recently tasked with creating a spot for Coke Zero. Mikey Cosentino, CTO talks about the project:

When an established brand announces a new product, it’s a challenge, but any challenge is an opportunity. That’s why we brought an inventive approach to accomplish a shot that’s never been seen before, with a brand that is known and loved worldwide.

“We invested weeks into developing a
three-axis robot arm, 3D printed custom
parts and meticulous attention to detail, as our
workspace was within a millimeter of precision.”

With a combination of our forward-thinking team plus Mark Roberts’ Motion Control Bolt, we were able to create magic. Our simplified approach takes you on a journey from inside the bottle to inside the glass – all in a one-take continuous camera motion.

We invested weeks into developing a three-axis robot arm, 3D printed custom parts and meticulous attention to detail, as our workspace was within a millimeter of precision. Our expressive thinking, innovative engineering, and expansion of boundaries led us to find a moment so different and so new.



The Bolt high-speed cinebot is capable of delivering precision repeatable camera moves at ultra high speeds! For more information on the Bolt, click here

To see other great work from Rite Media Group visit:

Where it is Greater Agency Shoots Nike Spot with Jr. Bolt

The Los Angeles based creative agency, Where It’s Greater (WIG), has teamed up with Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods to produce a campaign video for the new shoes Nike REACT Flyknit Hyperdunk 2017.

A brand new style, the REACT Flyknit Hyperdunk 2017 was first introduced at this year’s NBA Finals by Dremond Green of the Golden State Warriors, and will officially be hitting shelves at Dick’s Sporting Goods on August 3rd.

Bolt Jr photos

Where It’s Greater founder, Dan Hall explains:

“The REACT Flyknit Hyperdunk 2017 features Nike’s REACT technology, which is extremely responsive but also extremely cushiony, so I wanted to create an up-tempo piece in which both attributes were on full display.”

In addition to taking cues from the technology, Dan Hall also drew inspiration from the shoe itself. Seeking to mimic the trainer’s minimalist black and white colour blocking. The commercial was filmed in the Where it is Greater studio and was custom built by Dan and his team, creating a Hyperdunk-inspired basketball.

Dan comments:

“The first time I saw the shoe, I immediately knew exactly how I wanted the video to look – the colour palette, the lighting, and, most importantly, the set. It had to be a reflection of the shoe, but also
a great showcase for it.”


The spot was created using WIG’s own Jr. Bolt high-speed Cinebot. Talking about the Jr. Bolt, Dan says:

“The Jr. Bolt is a new addition to the Where It’s Greater studio and a
perfect fit for this project, the slogan for the Hyperdunk is ‘Instant Rise’,
and I can’t think of a better tool to visually convey that than the fastest
high-speed camera robot in the world. There is just no other way to do it!”


For more information on Jr. Bolt contact us

About Where it Is Greater
Where It’s Greater agency is a nimble, concept-to-camera creative studio in Los Angeles, founded by acclaimed photographer, director, and producer, Daniel Hall. Clients include Nike, Beats by Dre, Gucci, Converse, MeUndies, and The National Basketball Association.

Bolt’s Unique Tracking Moves Help Create New Music Video

In this short behind the scenes video, freelance motion control operator Jerry Andrews, along with co-director Jared Raab, talk about The Bolt high-speed cinebot and how it was instrumental in capturing July Talk’s music video which was shot on location at William F. White Centre in Toronto in association with Part & Parcel!

You can watch the July Talk’s full music video here:

William F White International is the largest production equipment supplier in Canada, with locations across the country. Jerry Andrews is a freelance motion control operator working in partnership with WF Whites and others.

The MRMC Bolt is the world’s fastest and most advanced high-speed camera robot for live action, television commercials, VFX, or for table top work. Reaching top speed of over 4 metres in under a second, Bolt has the ability to get up to speed instantly from standstill to high-speed motion and back again in fractions of a second. For more information on the Bolt click here.


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