Polymotion Stage is a unique mobile studio for the creation of volumetric video, images and avatars, that can be deployed to wherever it’s needed. Together with our partners Dimension, we are advancing the frontiers of what is possible with volumetric capture and advanced virtual humans.  Polymotion Stage won 3 prestigious Industry awards for the work that was done on the Sky Scope project, alongside our partner Dimension Studio, Sky and Sky Creative Agency.  Awards were received in the following categories: Technical Innovation in a Sports Broadcast category in the Broadcast Tech Awards, SVG award for Innovation in a Sports Broadcast and Product of the Year at the NABshow awards. Award Logos

Mobile Solutions
Volumetric Solutions

The Worlds First 3 in 1 Mobile Solution

The Polymotion Stage truck transforms and expands into a secure and private capture space in a matter of hours. Our capture solutions can be deployed quickly to wherever your sports stars, presenters, dancers, actors or production sets are. 

Polymotion Stage Truck

How it Works

The Capture – Time is Money

The state-of-the-art Polymotion Stage is comprised of 106 video cameras, capturing video at either 2k or 4k resolution. The cameras are positioned with 96 around the capture volume facing inwards, and 10 above pointing down. With multi-directional microphones, we can capture spatial audio or reference tracks to be sent to sound design. 

If you need static 3D avatars for fashion, marketing or games, then we can easily shoot using our high-resolution cameras already integrated into the stage. 

The Output – Less Time Spent with Talent

When you shoot in the Polymotion Stage, your project is being managed and created by a specialist team who have worked with some of the biggest companies and names in the world. 

The resulting outputs are MP4 (which are small and flexible) and OBJ files meaning they can be used in a variety of traditional media, including broadcast, or 2D video,  or in augmented, and virtual reality applications without unnecessary strain on your devices.

Volumetric Images, Videos & Avatars

Volumetric Images

For an efficient way to produce exciting 2D and 3D renders from the same capture, our circular array of high-resolution cameras provide incredible detail at the press of a button. You can take the raw data and work with your preferred post production team, or we can polish the assets to have them ready to go. 

Volumetric Videos

Volumetric video allows you to pause, rotate, and get closer to the talent. This exciting format provides you with a 3D video of the performance that can be used augmented into live broadcast, immersive, and traditional media formats.

For sports broadcasts, this could create new ways to provide analysis and commentary on performance. For live entertainment, this opens up new creative camera angles to delight your audience. The possibilities are endless.


Our multi-purpose Polymotion stages allow you to quickly capture your talent in static poses. Once captured, their digital models are taken through our avatar pipeline, making them ready to be animated or driven by mocap data.

Case Studies

Wow Inc’s Volumetric Short Film ‘Contour’

Polymotion Stage partner Dimension was approached by  WOW Inc. to collaborate on their stunning short film using 4k volumetric capture shot on Polymotion Stage.

Ensuring WOW had complete creative freedom to work with volumetric assets were created. Artistic lighting was achieved through the use of colour gels which filled the capture space with light to provide directional orange and blue hues. Dimension also used optical motion capture to extract skeletal data from the performances to support the post-production and VFX team.

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MRMC’s Polymotion Stage partners Dimension worked with Coldplay and Parlophone Records, part of Warner Music Group, on an ambitious volumetric music video creating holograms of Coldplay and BTS for “My Universe” – the second single taken from Coldplay’s ‘Music Of The Spheres’ album. Volumetric capture enabled both bands to be seamlessly blended together in the music video and provided the perfect approach to creating stylised holograms that fit the “otherworldly” music video concept.

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Polymotion Stage Balenciaga Project

In partnership with MRMC, Dimension and Microsoft, Polymotion Stage was used to capture models for the fashion brand Balenciaga, for one of the most innovative volumetric projects ever undertaken.

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Case Study: A new dawn for cultural experiences

Working with nexus, we were able to bring the king and queen of the josean dynasty to life in augmented reality for the reopening of the UNESCO world heritage site Changdeok palace. This virtual tour immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and colourful stories once hidden in the past.

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Polymotion Stage was used at the 148th & 149th Open Royal Portrush, to create digital replicas of the world’s top golfers such as Rory McIlroy, John Rahm and Dustin Johnson.

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Sky Scope 2.0


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Sports Analysis

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    • Camera Capture
      30 fps at 2k & 4k | 60fps at 2k
    • File Formats
      MP4, OBJ and can play in Unreal and Unity
    • Playback
      Mobile, AR, VR, MR, Broadcast
    • Capture Data
      Ability to hold unprocessed assets to allow for longer creative timing