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14 May 2009

This Update:
Second User Motion Control Rigs for Sale

Modula Rig now based in Prague


Second User Motion Control Rigs for Sale

Welcome to the motion control bargain hunters corner!  MRMC have for sale a second user CYCLOPS, second user MILO and a second user GRAPHLITE MARK II by Sorensen Designs. This is a rare opportunity to get a motion control rig at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Second user equipment does not stay around for long so if you are interested contact us right away.



 The Cyclops is the largest and most sophisticated motion control system available. It gives the greatest range, speed and versatility in a studio based motion control rig with the axes of track, rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle, pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus and iris with a maximum lens height of 6 metres, almost 20 feet.

 This Second User Cyclops comes with 16 metres of track. Mark Roberts Motion Control will refurbish the system offering it with a new 12 month warranty.

 For more information and prices contact



 The Milo is the most widely used motion control system in the world. Its portability and large operating envelope make it the ideal system for both location and studio work. The Milo provides the axes of track, rotate, lift, arm extension, head angle, pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus and iris with a maximum lens height of 4 metres.

 This second user Milo comes with 9 metres of precision rail. Mark Roberts Motion Control will refurbish the system offering it with a new 12 month warranty.

 For more information and prices contact





Photos courtesy of Sorensen Design

 Per specs issued by Sorensen Design the Graphlite is constructed of carbon fiber composite and has a 12 foot boom allowing for a lens height of up to 16 feet. The Graphlite head can operate in both an under-slung or over-slung position. The second user system we have for sale comes with 15 metres of track.

 We would not recommend the Graphlite for live action, however it is an ideal rig for stop motion. MRMC can rewire and upgrade the electronics with the option to run the Graphlite from Flair.  

Priced from: 20,000 Euros

For more information and prices contact

 Shotbox welcome the arrival of their Modula Rig in Prague


 Shotbox are now the proud owners of a new Modula Rig. Located in Prague, Shotbox are a tabletop and SFX Studio who pride themselves on making innovative footage of food, beverage and other products. With the use of motion control and the Modula Rig they are now aiming to take their work to the next level creating cutting-edge and innovative shots that are not possible with traditional camera and grip equipment.

 For more information on shot box, click here to visit their website.


Motion Control Tutorial on You Tube

One of the most popular items on our showreel DVD has always been the Motion Control Tutorial. Click on the below links to watch our four part Tutorial on youtube. This tutorial is ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about motion control techniques. 

Part I

Part II

Part III

       Part IV


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