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•Animoko Making Of, Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams  •Precision Mini Pan/Tilt/Roll Head •S4 Stereoscopic Stepper with Convergence •MRMC at CABSAT, Dubai 26 January 2011
•Happy Holidays from MRMC  •S4 Stereoscopic Stepper with Convergence •Syndicate Milo - Just Add Water 15 December 2010
•Dulux Let's Colour Project •Talos in Buenos Aires for Samsung 3D Commercial • Cheryl Cole 3 Words Music Video 29 September 2010
•Dulux Let's Colour Project •3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit  •Talos at Vis a Vis Film Germany •Upcoming Shows: BIRTV, IBC, Cinec 16 August 2010
•Samsung 3D TV Commercial, A New Dimension •S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit •New Mexico State Uni Acquire a Modula Rig 29 June 2010
•The Milos Wow at the Paris Fashion Show 13 October 2009
Stop-Frame commercial - Minimalism, making of •Introducing the Motion Controlled Ladder Dolly • BIRTV 2009, see the first MILO in China 19 July 2009
Second User Motion Control Rigs for Sale Modula Rig now based in Prague 14 May 2009
SFH-30, from stop motion animation to live action sports Talos - One year on BSC Show, March 2009 3 February 2009
Losito Int'l Films welcome the arrival of their Milo The extremely versatile SFH-30 Milo on the set of Max Payne 5 December 2008
The first Milo in Lebanon Milo shoot, Natasha Bedingfield, "Angel" BIRTV Exhibition, Beijing China, 5-8 November Ulti Head on Track Shoot, Gordon Ramsay: Cook Along Live 31 October 2008
The High Speed Linear Motor 3rd Axis for the Ulti-Head Cambotics Robotics Broadcast Reseller BIRTV Exhibition, Beijing China MRMC Motion Control and Flair training  9 October 2008
IBC 2008, Sept 12-16th - BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW The SFH-30 demonstration video Recent Credits Interesting US locations 5 August 2008
Bond No Match For Motion Control Another CONTROL for complete Motion Control What do Motion Control Operators get up to in their spare time? 22 July 2008
Aardman Animations add the SFH-30 to their arsenal of moco equipment Need Rental Advice? Your chance to own a 2nd User Milo Modula Motion Control Rig specs now available in Chinese 17 June 2008
• Mark Roberts Motion Control at Cine Gear Expo - 20 June 2008 • New features added to the MSA-20 • The Ulti-Head - Head to head with a gorilla • Milo on set for the feature film Max Payne • Needed rental advice?  20 May 2008
•The Talos visits the Middle East The release of the Animoko Rig •Need Rental Advice? •Motion Control Tutorial on You Tube •Recent Credits 17 April 2008
New products: Modula' Rig, Wireless MSA-20 and Ulti-Head, Animoko Rig, Curved Rail Flair Demonstration Video Famous Second User Milo for Sale 31 March 2008
•The BSC Show, 14th and 15th of March •The SFH-30 head spec sheet •Motion Control in Universities and Colleges •Oscar Winning Techniques for the Golden Compass •The RED camera used on Mark Roberts Motion Control rigs March 2008
•Motion Control helps The Golden Compass to the Best Visual Effects Award •Mark Roberts Motion Control at the BSC Exhibition •What has the Talos been up to since its release? •The new SFH-30 head February 2008
•Exhibitions, Expos & Conventions - BSC, Cinegear, BIR-TV, IBC •Track & Lift Column on Modula Rig •SIGGRAPH 2007 Best of Show Award for ARK •CCI on set with Milos and Ulti-heads August 2007
•The Biggest Rig Ever? • The "Modula" Rig system •Wireless & Tilt Options for the Ulti-head •CGI Virtual Camera Handwheels - The Motion Box  November 2006
•Featuring Aardmans Milo at IBC  •Makina Creative Post premiers Milo in Turkey  September 2006
•Elvis visits Cine Gear Expo    •Motion Control Camera's pioneering effects July 2006
•Talos - The New Rig  •MRMC's 40th Anniversary  •BSC Show Success  •MRMC Maquette System  •New Developments in Flair April 2006
•Aardman Wins Oscar!  •Ulti-Heads show of their new Owners  •New MSA-20 Stand Alone System  •Interested in Training?  •Recent Credits March 2006
•Aardman animates another hit!  •Prestigious BAFTA Award for "Dupe" •Ikea in a spin •Impressive new developments at MRMC  December 2005
•Cloning Around - by Chris Waitt •Motion Magic for Paheli •Greetings from IBC •Korean visit MRMC October 2005
•MRMC Announcement •We've Moved at IBC •Catch the Ulti-Head Roll option and the Radamec Conversion •British Airways Shoot for Knucklehead •NetZero Shoot at CCI August 2005
•The Life Aquatic For Milo •Ulti-Head Package Pricing from £34,900 •IBC2005 Already? May 2005
•Jerry Andrew is Calling North America •Point Tracking Demo at ARRI Media April 2005
•Come to the British Society of Cinematographers New Equipment Show 2005 •Ulti-Head at Panavision •Bolex Camera Video Assist  March 2005
•New Product - Integrated Capping Shutter!! •Demo Day in Soho •TeleG Talks About Rostrum  February 2005
•Huge Equipment Sale List •Next Demo Day •Polar Express •Happy New Year January 2005
•Interview with Ian Menzies •Next Demo Day •Another Day at the Beach for Milo •Milo Moco Training •Merry Xmas   December 2004
•Demo Day Success! •Feature Film Credits •New Flair Features •My Life in Idlewild •SlimLine Head for StopTrick   December 2004
•Upcoming Demonstration - Don't Miss It! •Survey Success •Motion Control Forum Flourishing  October 2004
•Success of IBC & New DVD Showreel •Ulti-head New Features Shown •Motion Control Discussion Forum •New Lens Control Motors •Australian Job Opportunity October 2004
•Busy Milo in Mexico •Indian Milo Visit •New Showreels September 2004


Jerry Andrew's, Moco Operator, His Thoughts on The Industry 19/3/2003
Emmy Award for VFX in Dinotopia 16/9/2002
Das Werk & Inmotion Motion Control Seminars 9/9/2002
Edit/VES 2002 The European Fesival for Production and Visual Effects 9/9/2002
Ghostship Spins Them Mad 3/9/2002
Timecode Reader and Video Inserter 30/8/2002
Platige Image Banks a Winner 13/7/2002
The 7 Uses of Motion Control 1/6/2002
Turner Studios Unveils Motion Control Website 28/5/2002
John Dykstra Speaks on Milo 23/5/2002
Spider-man Goes Into Record Books 22/5/2002
British Animation Award For Aardman 1/5/2002
IKTRIX plays its trick for Peugeot 28/4/2002
New accessories: Wireless Remote Start and Bloop Light, and Test Box  10/4/2002
IKTRIX Impulse - Off-the-shelf Solutions for Pre-visualisation & Motion Control 10/3/2002
Toybox - Trucking Down Under  7/3/2002
Another Newly Delivered Arri and Sony Upgrade 4/3/2002
Turkey, Witchcraft and Motion Control  4/3/2002
Milo goes Fishing 3/3/2002
The Music Video Producers Association Seminar Success  3/2/2002
Camera Control Website Revamped 15/1/2002
Encoded Cranes and Dollies - The simple solution 8/1/2002
Academy Award Fever 5/1/2002
Flair to Arri 435 Advanced Interface is Complete 1/10/2001
Arri 435 Advanced Moco Interface under Tests 15/08/2001
Tackling The Revolution In HDTV 2/07/2001
Smooth Operators Just Got Smoother 27/06/2001
Exchange Data With Our Brand New MC Tools 31/05/2001
Spider-Man Meets The Stars 15/07/2001
Flair Starts Talking to Bou-Jou and Scenegenie


Rave Success of Open Day  19/05/2001
Aardman Features Steps Onto Tortoise And Hare 5/05/2001

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