Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Design Engineer


  • Be aware of market trends, potential future customer requirements, new emerging technologies and competitors’ solutions.
  • Be aware of customer & client requirements, other solutions and products in the market, cameras, robotic solutions and software accessories that might be useful, trends, usage, etc., so as to direct the development direction of our Mechanical products and come up with better solutions
  • Produce technically compliant mechanical design solutions which entirely satisfy the design brief.
  • Produce mechanical designs that are fully compliant with commercial goals in terms of estimated design time, estimated costs and estimated timescales.
  • Produce mechanical designs that are robust, cost effective to produce and use materials and/or resources effectively.


  • Produce mechanical design that can be readily assembled, disassembled, serviced and/or updated.
  • Produce mechanical design that are fully compliant to all appropriate design, machinery and safety standards appropriate to MRMC and our global markets.
  • Ensure all mechanical designs are fully compliant with MRMC In-House Mechanical Design Standards.
  • Liaise closely with electrical, electronic & software design colleagues to ensure that the final product design optimally integrates all design disciplines.
  • Ensure mechanical designs are logically grouped into discrete sub-assemblies to support a hierarchical design structure in line with MRMC In-House Design Standards.
  • Actively support peer review of colleagues designs and provide constructive feedback.
  • Ensure all mechanical designs are fully compliant with MRMC Part Numbering Scheme.
  • Ensure all mechanical designs are fully managed through MRMC DDM System and that release status information is accurately maintained.
  • Ensure that all designed and/or OEM specified components within every assembly have detailed information/parameters associated with every component, including, where a manufactured component, material, material finish and where a bought-in item manufacturer, part number, supplier, part number, price, availability, datasheet.
  • Input Electrical CAD designs into Mechanical CAD to ensure that every design/product/project has a single, complete and accurate Bill of Materials.
  • Contribute to preparation of Mechanical In-House Design Standards to document the methods adapted by MRMC to produce our products. Document to address design standards in terms of preferred methods for design, manufacture, tolerances of components, OEM component selection etc.  Document to dictate structuring of design methods in terms of assemblies/sub-assemblies, part-numbering, production of GA’s, CAD models, Manufacturing drawings etc.
  • Develop verification methods to validate all elements of designs.
  • Actively engage with Pre-Production & Production to support assembly of first-offs, prototypes etc.
  • Where necessary, prepare detailed assembly instructions.
  • Where required, design tooling, test fixtures etc.
  • Prepare and document test methods together with pass/fail criteria.
  • Support detailed assembly/product testing to ensure compliance with customer specifications and/or appropriate design standards including functional, thermal, shock, vibration, safety etc.
  • Publish mechanical designs via MRMC Product Data Management (PDM) Server for Review/Approval by Principle Mechanical Design Engineer and Product/Production Engineering Team.
  • Perform design amendments from feedback from customers, production, product/production engineering in-line with MRMC Change Control Process.
  • Ensure all project activities assigned are completed with the allocated time/schedule. Provide regular and accurate feedback of progress.
  • Prepare & submit daily reports summary to Mechanical Design Team Colleagues & Management.
  • Participate in Weekly Team Meeting to update progress of design and/or change control task.
  • Ensure that all working time is accurately accounted for within Odoo Timesheets. Timesheets to be complete at the end of every working day.


  • Experience in the design of complex, precision electro-mechanical, robotic and/or automation motion assemblies
  • Familiarity with a typical product life cycle for initial concept, through prototyping and into full production.  Ability to originate innovative new design solutions as well as to enhance/develop/correct existing designs
  • Good working knowledge of mechanical OEM components including servo & stepper motors, gearboxes, belts/pulleys, brakes, ballscrews, bearings and feedback devices such as encoders and resolvers.  Ability to select and size OEM components from first principles optimally suited to the demands of each application
  • Knowledge of different metal forming techniques and detailed understanding of the comparative benefits of different methods.  Experience with composite structures and additive manufacturing processes
  • Good working knowledge of SolidWorks 2019 Professional and design vault systems


We offer the best engineering environment for creative and collaborative professionals to work in a welcoming team.  Our R&D department consists of 3 sections: Mechanical, Electronics and Software. All our engineers work side by side to create unique, exceptional products that are used all over the world.

Our success is only possible because of the team effort from everyone and we recognise the individual input of each person throughout our design and manufacturing process at MRMC.

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