Product Photography

I was looking for a similar system since last year, at NAB, I found Mark Roberts Motion Control and since then I started the process of knowing the systems. I like the hybrid way of working with remote control IP or console; the distance from where I can control the robotics; the sensitivity, speed and robustness – very intuitive to configure and use. [It is also] very important to be able to record presets movements.

We use the system in a studio with a small set, where there is no space to install a tripod and place a cameraman. The robotic system is installed in the lighting grid. We use 1500A Sony cameras with Canon lenses, all camera controls can be commanded and managed from the console. Despite the weight of the camera, the AFC-head has very robust robotic movements.

William Alberto Albarracin

Director of Technology & TV, Win Sports, Columbia

Product Photography

“ I've been in charge of the Orbital as long as it has been at Schjærven. We have used the Orbital for product photography, video and for non-conventional usage and had it running 16 hours a day for months! The Orbital is flexible enough to meet many of our demands, especially when we shoot and plan creatively – we even shot a very cool and simple film with it. It's quick and strong, but safe enough for people with little training to use it. (Without killing off the entire crew).

The accuracy of the Orbital is great – we depend on its ability to precisely repeat the same motion over and over. The spin rig software inside Flair is simple and quite flexible. The turntable seems to be a workhorse – we’ve loaded it with over 100kg and it still turns seamlessly. Having one of your engineers over for a service or calling Mr. Moco is a great experience – you guys are fantastic and patient. ”

Roger Gihlemoen

Motion Capture & 3D Artist, Schjærven

Lund Engineering

“We really like the MRMC SFH-50 pan tilt units from the perspective of an all-in-one solution. They support multiple axis of control and GPIO all from a compact control box that is mounted to the pan/tilt unit so all that has to be supplied is power and Ethernet for having a fully functional system. That is the biggest plus these units have. Able to run stepper motor axis and dimmable lights all from the same controller is great.

We also like the support team and the quick responses and flexibility of MRMC as a company to support our requirements, which are not exactly what the pan/tilt units were originally intended for. MRMC saved us a lot of headache from having a clobbered together control system by supporting almost everything we need to do from their single control box. No external enclosures and control systems required.

Keep up the good work – it is a great all-in-one solution!”

Marko Oviir

Electrical Engineer, Lund Engineering, Inc.

Celebro Media

“The AFC-100 has integrated seamlessly into our existing ethernet infrastructure, offering a superb payload in a small package plus silky smooth motion. It has also enabled us to cost-effectively control lenses suitable for 4K that did not have integrated lens motors. MRMC also adapted the heads to our needs, including motorising our lenses and offering mounting facilities for the teleprompters and bespoke mounting of the heads to the pedestals.”

Wesley Dodd

Chief Executive, Celebro Studios

London Live

“The Studiobot’s quality is amazing, its robotics allowing us to get completely unique shots. Thanks MRMC for all the support in bringing our idea to life.”

Bryn Balcombe

Technical Director, London Live

BAFTA-nominated Director of Photography

"The S3 makes the process of doing 3D very easy. If working in the time-lapse environment in 2D, setting up in 3D is almost no difference so you might as well do it in 3D.

"It’s reliable – it just works.

"In Kew I had it upside down out of a window in a greenhouse on the end of a magic arm and a D2X and got great 3D shots of a rare cactus opening. Build quality and support is worth a lot to me and MRMC excel at both of those.

"I’ve got 4, Tim Sheppard has a whole bunch more, they are just really, really good."

Robert Hollingworth

BAFTA-nominated Director of Photography


“We are pleased to add the SFH-30 pan tilt head to our existing range of Mark Roberts Motion Control equipment, including three Milos. With much of our work now gearing towards DSLR cameras, the SFH-30 Head is compact, accurate and ideal for our animation needs.”

Mr. Ian Fleming

Head of Production Technology, Aardman Animations Limited

Director of Photography on “The Kiddo”

“I have shot several animation films in my career, and this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to work with the SFH-30. I’m truly fascinated by its precision of movement as well as its lightness and stability. It is very accessible and user-friendly!”

Mr. Milos Srdic

Director of Photography on “The Kiddo”


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