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Meet Us at IBC Show to See The Latest Automated Robotics

IBC Registration


IBC Show is next month, and we wanted to give a quick preview of the latest technology we’ll have at the show. Come along to our stand Hall 12, F11 where will be demonstrating our latest revolutionary broadcast solutions – incorporating next generation automated robotic tracking technologies that maximize the creative output from a small studio and crew.

The stand will also feature a Bolt on track, the fastest robot of its kind in the world, as well as the StudioBot Lite, our most compact and versatile robotic arm – ideal for compact pop-up studios.

Ask for a demonstration of the latest skin designs for our MHC (Multi Head Control) software, which allows the most complicated of camera positions to be creatively captured and enabled in a touch screen interface.

Also on the stand will be our all-weather stadium Robotic Pod solution, the small and silent Whisper robot and the incredibly flexible AFC 100s.


Visit our stand: Hall 12, F11.
Location map: https://goo.gl/CCgxtt

MRMC Round-up of BIRTV and IBC 2013 Preview


BIRTV 2013 Entrance

MRMC partnered with Century Sage Scientific Group to introduce Polycam and the AFC-100 pan and tilt head to the Chinese market at BIRTV exhibition last month.

CSS Stand at BIRTV

CSS Stand at BIRTV


As a leading broadcast system integrator, CSS has the reputation, strong client base and technical expertise to showcase and introduce pioneering technology such as Polycam to the broadcast market in China.
A two-camera AFC-100 Polycam SOLO configuration was on display and numerous demonstrations were given to leading TV Stations and Broadcasters throughout the four day exhibit. The Polycam range of Solo, Velocity and Auto offers many benefits for sports and live productions, but the show also generated interest for studio applications. The high speed performance of the compact AFC-100 also attracted attention. With a new version capable of 180° per second, getting closer to high speed sports becomes a safer option without compromising the shots. 

Polyucam Set-up @ BIRTV

BIRTV Set-up

Looking forwards – MRMC will be at IBC 2013 where you will find us on stand IBC Hall: 11 Stand G35

You will be able to see Bolt High Speed Cinebot for the first time ever at IBC, along with the newest editions of the Polycam set-up. All are welcome to come see us and talk shop.

Bolt will be on Display @ IBC 2013

Bolt will be on Display @ IBC 2013

For more details about MRMC or our products please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control on: info@mrmoco.com +441342 838 000 or look us up on the web: www.mrmoco.com 

Secrets released and demonstrated at IBC 2012

Polycam in use filming a Horse Racing Meet

Imagine setting up 10 cameras to broadcast a football game, or music concert, and then having only one operator controlling them simultaneously. Or imagine, having a full complement of camera positions and camera operators and then adding some additional automated camera positions for generating additional second-screen views and revenue, without having to increase man-power. These are just some of the benefits and applications of MRMC’s new patent pending Polycam system, released this year at IBC.

Mark Roberts Motion Control @ IBC 2012

MRMC fielded many questions at IBC regarding Polycam

Developed by our clever boffins, using our precision mechanical technology developed for the film special effects industry, our IP-networked electronics (for LAN and internet remote control) and some funky mathematics, Polycam is the way for future multi-camera productions. Its application is not just for main camera views, but also for slave cameras carrying cameras with alternative formats or resolutions, or for the rapidly growing second screen views, allowing users to choose different points of view and on mobile or smart TVs.

Additionally Polycam could be integrated with leading real-time image analysis software to automatically follow the player or other point of interest. The interest generated at IBC has been very welcome and more and more applications for Polycam are continuously being raised.

And of course because the system is IP-based, control can be achieved not just locally but from a remote control room anywhere in the world, allowing for suitable bandwidth.

fig1. Polycam Graphic

Polycam has developed out of the precision technology Mark Roberts Motion Control is industry renowned for and offers broadcasters the reliability and consistency of shots that have made the most demanding of motion control composite sequences possible for many blockbuster movies.

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates the principles of the system and how to control it.

Click Here to see the Video

Polycam is just one of the Broadcast Solutions newly available from Mark Roberts Motion Control, click on the link here to go to the brand new broadcast solution pages on our website. Please contact Steve Boland to request more information.

01342 838 000

IBC 2012 & The Olympics Fully Covered

Picture taken with an SFH-30 robotic camera shows a general view of the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on July 27, 2012 at the Olympic Stadium in London.

MRMC AT IBC, Amsterdam 7-11 September

MRMC will be exhibiting again this year at IBC. Come and see us at stand 11.G35 and our technology will also be on display at the Nikon Europe stand (9.B14) on display and available for demo will be our ‘Polycam’ system.

Polycam is an IP-based robotic camera system that enables a primary point of interest to be tracked from multiple perspectives.

Designed to support multi-camera productions, Polycam can be controlled by a single operator or in conjunction with image analysis or statistical data systems.

System Benefits:

  • Enables automated, constant and fluid tracking of a point of interest through multiple perspectives.
  • Allows a single operator to offer a simultaneous multi-camera viewpoint.
  • IP-based architecture allowing for unrestricted operating distance and scalable configurations.
  • Potential to expand points of interest through integration with statistical and image analysis systems
  • Simplifies multi-camera set up
  • Reduced Production costs and overheads

For IBC Polycam will be displayed with Broadcast camera channels, broadcast lenses with digital servos, MRMC SFH-30 heads and control demonstrated via IP interfacing. MRMC staff will be on hand to discuss Polycam applications and any other motion control requirements.

Everyone is welcome to visit. We look forward to seeing you there.


Mark Roberts Motion Control were very proud to have been closely involved in the recent Olympic games in London, having been selected 8 months ago to be Nikon’s official robotic system supplier for the event. Together with Nikon UK and with additional requirements specified by Nikon’s professional press clients as well as LOCOG’s (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) press liaison and renowned award-winning sports photographer Bob Martin, MRMC set about manufacturing all the required robotic heads to capture the action for the various press agencies, including AFP – Associated French Press and Sports Illustrated.

MRMC used adapted SFH-30 Pan Tilt heads all running via ethernet, to provide units that only required one power cable and one ethernet cable to control all functions and power all facilities, including on each head, powering up to two Nikon D4 cameras, as well as video feeds and encoders, panning, tilting, zooming, rolling (to change from landscape to portrait shots), focus control, shutter trigger and internal camera functions. All with minimal latency or delays.

Overall, MRMC produced 17 heads for Nikon and it’s clients to use, including an underwater robotic head capable of carrying a D4 DSLR camera and lens, giving underwater control of the pan, tilt and zoom. The underwater head was produced with advice from renowned BBC Natural History Unit producer and film maker Neil Lucas whose work on David Attenborough’s wildlife series included many underwater features including timelapse filming of starfish moving under ice sheets.

With the exception of the underwater unit, the heads were mounted in the roofs of the various Olympic venues, or above the roof in the case of the main stadium. Then controlled remotely via ethernet, the heads allowed the press agencies to get fantastic shots from locations where it was not possible, for security or safety reasons, to have photographers.

The adapted SFH-30 heads worked continuously for over 2 weeks taking literally thousands of shots. As the shots were being taken by the photographers, they were almost instantly being uploaded to image sites such as Getty Images to be used by the press. The success of robotic heads at the Olympics was evidenced by the fact that 30-40% of the “Shots of the Day” chosen by the press as the best shots each day were taken by robotic heads. The interest in these motion control robotic heads for sports has been phenomenal for both stills and video. This was shown by the YouTube video Francios Xavier Marit, one of AFP’s award-winning photographers, created when he came to visit MRMC during construction of the heads. The video showing the staff at MRMC manufacturing and testing the units got 50,000 views within the first week alone. MRMC recently also produced a video showing one of the heads, a double unit carrying 2 cameras and lenses including a 200-400mm Nikkor lens, prior to installation, as well as some of the shots achieved with the robotic pan tilt units. The videos can seen here:


Remember everyone is welcome to become a member of the online motion control forum. It’s a great place to ask questions about motion control and how to get things done on set or off. We want to see this service get used as much as possible so join today: www.mocoforum.com

T: 01342 838 000

(Sneak Peek) SFH-30 with Car Mount

Sneak Peek SFH-30 with Car Mount

The Mark Roberts Motion Control Pan/Tilt Head SFH-30 recently was mounted on a car. Here below is a sneak peek of what that looked like.

SFH-30 with Car Mount

Car Mounted SFH-30 Front View

Car Mounted SFH-30 Side View

The SFH-30 is precise enough to be completely pixel accurate with HD cameras
yet compact and lightweight for ease of use and transportation to any location.
It is a fast-moving head but also easily capable of macro filming. Its robust design accommodates a wide range of cameras and lenses with a maximum payload of over 13kg. With simple to use controllers for every application

(iPhone apps, Joystick Console, Pan Bars, Handwheels, Flair programming
software) your attention is free to create and get that perfect shot.

This lightweight and versatile Pan/Tilt Head is becoming ever popular recently. It can be used for Stop-Frame, or Timelapse applications, but is increasingly being provided to be used in many new and exciting ways. We have taken the head to various expo’s and trade shows this year including Annecy and Cine Gear, as well as NAB and CABSAT.

Contact Mark Roberts Motion Control for more details, or for a quotation.

T: 01342 838 000

New Products Success – A Sneak Peek

New Products Success – A Sneak Peek 



IBC Exhibition, Amsterdam, this month saw the release of a number of exciting new products by Mark Roberts Motion Control. If you weren’t there you’ll be finding out more about these products in the coming newsletters and website updates, but it suffices to say that some of these are designed to revolutionize the way motion control and broadcast robotics are used – and this is a sneak peek at a couple of the products we have been busy with.

Many of our products are being switched over to use Ethernet, allowing heads and rigs to be controlled via Ethernet and all the features such a facility instantly includes, like long cable runs, wireless connections, remote control over internet and even as shown at IBC wireless control using an iPad with our new app designed specifically for controlling multiple cameras much like a standard studio PTZ Joystick controller, only wirelessly.





*** Upcoming Shows: BIRTV, IBC, Cinec ***

*** Upcoming Shows: BIRTV, IBC, Cinec ***

 MRMC will be exhibiting at the following shows with the Modula Rig, the Talos, S3  3D Stereoscopic Stepper, Animoko Rig and for the first time the SFH-50 Pan Tilt Head with Roll axis. Please let us know if you will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: Today is the final day for free registration to IBC 2010. Save £50 by registering now. Click here

August 23rd-26th, Beijing, China

September 10th-14th, Amsterdam, Netherlands



September 18th-20th, Munich, Germany


BIRTV Exhibition, Beijing China, 5 – 8 November

MRMC have recently returned from a marathon of successful exhibitions in Amsterdam (IBC) and Munich (CINEC). Next month we will be in Beijing, China for the annual BIRTV exhibition at the China International Exhibition Centre where we will have our equipment on show and available for demos.

The exhibition starts on the 5th of November and runs until the 8th of November.

For more information click here to visit the BIRTV website.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The High Speed Linear Motor

The High Speed Linear Motor


Click here to see footage of the high speed linear motor.

 All you high speed camera enthusiasts, pay attention – you won’t want to miss this.

At IBC 2008 Mark Roberts Motion Control unveiled some of their latest technology including a new toy for high speed cameras, the fully motion controlled linear motor. The linear motor combines high speed camera shooting with motion control to pull off some very spectacular and unique footage.

We can custom the linear motor to fit your shooting requirements. Contact us on info@mrmoco.com for more information.

IBC 2008

IBC 2008, Sept 12th-16th – BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW

  IBC 2008

Yes, its that time of the year again. Time to get onto your favourite travel website and book your tickets for Amsterdam! Mark Roberts Motion Control will be at this year’s IBC exhibiting our latest motion control technology. On display and available for demo will be our world famous, extremely portable and versatile Modula Rig, our Talos Motion Control Rig, The Ulti-Head and the SFH-30 head with new tools and operator controls. We will also be unveiling our new High Speed… (come to the stand to find out what) designed for use with Phantom HD and other high speed cameras.

So book your flights, book your hotels and click on the link below to register for IBC.

Click here to register for IBC 2008

We look forward to seeing you there!


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