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All Hail the Precision of the Milo

New Milo Showreel Collection | The Milo is the original motion control system that set the precedence for repeat pass MoCo systems with its unrivalled precision and stability. The rig won the prestigious Academy Award for Scientific & Engineering Achievement and today, the system still maintains the most all-around pin-point precision and stability. Whilst the […]

Samurai Sword Fights With Cinebot rig

WELCOME TO SOI DOGS | Thailand based creative tabletop production studio Chopstick Films created an epic sword-fighting scene using the Bolt High-Speed Cinebot rig. The brilliantly choreographed short, dubbed Soi Dogs, was conceived by the team to test the dynamic ability of the Bolt and how it captures high-speed action from many different angles. The […]

Top Robotics make a Splash

What you can see at 1,000 frames per second… What would you do if you had a couple of days with the Bolt High Speed Cinebot rig and a Phantom Flex 4K camera capable of shooting at 1,000 Frames per second? The creative geniuses at Forsberg and Stiller tried everything they could think of and we think the results […]

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