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S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit

S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit

*** S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit ***


The new S3 Stereoscopic Stepper Unit is now in full production and proving to be a very popular solution for animators requiring a solution for stereoscopic (3D) stop-frame animation. With the success of 3D films in the last 12 months, the requirement for new shoots to be in 3D is growing dramatically. Features that were planned for 2D production are gearing up for being shot in 3D instead and the requirement for Stereoscopic filming equipment is growing exponentially. Mark Roberts Motion Control is helping to fill the requirements of the creatives by producing a range of products for filming in 3D. As well as adding new Stereoscopic features in the newest version of Flair (our motion control software) to allow for programming interocular and convergence on the motion control rigs, the new S3 Stereoscopic unit is proving professional stereoscopic animation is within anyone’s grasp, from education establishments to full-fledged feature film productions. For those who have not yet seen the S3 on our website or seen some of the demos, please visit our soon to expand 3D website (www.filming3D.com) as soon as possible to acquaint yourself with this ingenious unit It allows DSLR cameras to easily be used for 3D animation by giving the user full control over the left and right eye interocular distance. The S3 can interface to all the popular animation programs and has drivers for PCs and Macs and is designed to offer precision and portability at an incredibly low price. In the coming months more products will be coming out including larger units for heavier camera packages. If you have a 3D filming requirement please feel free to contact us to see what equipment we can offer you.

Picture courtesy of StopMotion Pro showing the S3 at Annecy 2010
being used with StopMotion Pro to give instant stereoscopic
animation results

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