The Orbital Rig

Automated Product Photography

  • The Orbital is custom-made for taking high-volume product shots
  • Take stills, 360 degree spins, multi-row photography or shoot video
  • Rock solid stability: whether shooting a watch or a car – no wobble or jerkiness
  • 1 click. 8 angles. 15 seconds. Job Done!

High Volume Photography

The Orbital Rig is custom-made for taking high volume product shots. get the same shot, every time, every product, for every shoot. No variances in position or angle.

Fully Automated

Remove the manual process – with your product photography automated it saves countless hours. Load products quickly and set it to run with saved moves – need a shot done by tonight, no problem – pump out the images there and then with the touch of a button.

Turntable Options

Small, medium & large turntables – with unlimited payload options. Can have bespoke design -manufacture the turntable to exact client specifications

By having the ability to load a setting and get moving into the shoot using my presets, it totally changes the game. I’m able to shoot so quickly with it that I am able to burn through shoots in an hour that would have usually taken me a whole day to shoot. I thought I would be using these more, but I just find I get all my work done so fast that I’m only using the Orbital 3 of the 5 days I had planned on needing it.

Austin Langley Photographer, Asics