Highspeed Cinebot Reel – Summer 2021

The latest collection of High Speed Cinebot Work

It is that time of year where we round up a collection of high-speed work to showcase just a snippet of the incredible Bolt action from around the world. As usual, customers are producing brilliant high-speed action content, and we are spoilt for choice to show just a small selection of the incredible work being produced.

With the Bolt on nearly every continent, we have the pleasure of showing the different creative styles of our customers’ work and how each has utilised the infinite possibilities of high-speed capture with the range of Bolt systems. We want to thank you all for sharing your great work with us and feel free to tag us on social @mrmoco1 (Instagram) or include the handle #boltcinebot in your social posts and we will endeavour to re-share your work.

Special thanks to: Brandlink; To Be Production; Reflex Motion Control; Lukkien; Moviechrome; The Garage; LÉMA Slow; & Diamond View Studios for the showreel content.

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