How MRMC Became More Agile

Blog by Paddy Taylor

The Agile Remote Camera acquisition marks a really exciting point in the development of MRMC automated camera tracking systems. We at MRMC have long been admirers of the Agile cameras. The Arc 360 in particular is a very popular rugged waterproof PTZ camera used in events like The America’s Cup, concerts and tours (such as Robbie Williams and Coldplay) and festivals. It is a perfect complement to MRMC‘s existing pan-tilt solutions. We have been asked many times if we would produce a PTZ camera so this was a great opportunity to bring one into our range of products.


Arc 360

We know many existing Agile customers wish to purchase more cameras and we are planning to produce units very shortly to fulfil these demands. Our intention was to take the camera to NAB  to show it off for the first time as an MRMC product. Unfortunately, we can no longer do as the show has been cancelled but we look forward to future tradeshows where we can demonstrate how good this camera is.

Over the next 2 to 3 months our R&D team will be working very hard to integrate the Arc 360 into MRMC’s automated workflow ecosystem and we hope to be able to showcase this in sporting events early in 2022. This rugged PTZ camera will be the perfect complement to our Polymotion Player solution and some of the workflows that customers are asking us to provide such as coach cam and dedicated player tracking

‘Panning’ Ahead

We will also have more sports automation products that we will be releasing in the next few months, so this acquisition enables some really exciting new workflows for us and we are very pleased to be able to offer the complete range of Agile products for any new and existing projects.

We will also be offering these advanced software solutions alongside existing MRMC products and the new agile product range as a rental or long-term lease allowing customers to fund this equipment out of operating expenditure instead of capital expenditure. We are also open to discussions around permanent installations with pay as you use invoicing so customers have a system that is available to them whenever it is required but only pay for it when they use it.

We’ve touched on some great plus points on our Agile products above, but if you’d like to learn more then please head over to the Broadcast section of our website for more info!