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SFH-30 Track

SFH-50 Track

There are many different dolly & track options for the lightweight heads, such as the SFH-30 and SFH-50, depending on the requirements, but one of the best is the Monorail. The monorail consist of a lightweight 2″ square aluminum extrusion with the same ultra-strong ball-bearing rail as used by the large MRMC rigs. This allows the rails to be used in very narrow spaces and with excellent accuracy, The rail can be used for animation, timelapse or real-time live-action filming. It can be used horizontally overslung or underslung (hanging from the ceiling) or even at angles to give some lift. The rails have feet with leveling adjustment for using directly on the floor or table close to the surface or the rail can be mounted onto adjustable tripods. The rail can be extended as long as required. Each section is typically 2-3 metres long but as many sections as required can be joined.

For those looking for ultra-portability on a budget, the ladder dolly is ideal. Using standard shop-bought ladders or a lightweight MRMC made collapsible rod ladder system, the ladder dolly drives itself along using a precision timing belt on any length ladder. This means you don’t need to travel with any track to your remote location, just buy a ladder locally to use as track!

For those looking to achieve very fast motion in very small distances, the linear motor may be the best option. It has the advantages of being able to accelerate very quickly and stop very quickly, giving very fast and sudden motion. It is not suitable for long runs (long track length) due to cost and weight – contact MRMC if you need high speed and long runs.


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