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Stop Frame and Time-lapse Motion Control Head

SFH-30 SFH-30 on set

The SFH-30 pan tilt head has been designed to provide precision and accuracy not normally found on similar sized heads, making it suitable for a much wider range of applications. Precise enough to be completely pixel accurate with HD and super-HD cameras, compact and lightweight to be used on any location for that perfect time-lapse shot and strong enough to take a wide range of cameras and lenses, the SFH-30 offers a huge scope. When combined with our Academy Award winning Flair software, it delivers features for every occasion, from Virtual Studio interfacing, to animation, time-lapse, timecode triggering, GPI, GPO and of course the head is fast enough to be usable for some live action too.

  • Low cost
  • High precision
  • Stepper or Servo motor options
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Optional homing sensors
  • Optional optical encoders
  • Works over-slung or under-slung
  • Can also be used as a model mover
  • Ideal for digital SLR and HD cameras
  • Additional axes available e.g. track, zoom, focus
  • Designed to work with Flair motion control software
  • Precision and repeatability suitable for virtual studios, virtual reality, web promo videos, animation and time-lapse

What our customers say:

“We are pleased to add the SFH-30 pan tilt head to our existing range of Mark Roberts Motion Control equipment, including three Milos. With much of our work now gearing towards DSLR cameras, the SFH-30 Head is compact, accurate and ideal for our animation needs.”
Mr. Ian Fleming, Head of Production Technology
Aardman Animations Limited

“I’m shooting with the Nikon D 700 – DSLR Digital stills camera full frame and I’m very proud to have been able to use the amazing pan tilt Mark Roberts Motion Control SFH-30 head. The technique we use is mainly a combination of stop-motion animation and computer generated images. I have shot several animation films in my career, and this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to work with the SFH-30. I’m truly fascinated by its precision of movement as well as its lightness and stability. It is very accessible and user-friendly!”
Mr. Milos Srdic
DOP on “The Kiddo”


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