Many common accessories are often required for motion control shoots, to speed up production, simplify a shot, simplify post-production, or interface to on-set hardware or software. These include bloop lights, to mark specific frames to ease editing after production, model movers to move on set scenery or objects, lens control motors to control focus, zoom or iris, 3D stereoscopic rig interfaces, trigger boxes or cables to trigger on-set lights or events, and even just humble camera sync cables to control or synchronize the different types of cameras mounted on the motion control rigs.

Below are some of the most commonly required accessories but there are many more so if you have a specific requirement just let us know and we can make it for you.

Bloop Lights

Bloop Lights

Bloop Lights allow specific frames during filming to be marked with a flash of light. In post production, the marked frame aids the Editor to quickly find each corresponding frame that has been "blooped" in a multiple layer shoot saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent matching up the layers by eye. Visit the Bloop Lights page for more information.

Focus/Iris/Zoom Lens Control Motors

Focus/Iris/Zoom Lens Control Motors

Precision machined, extremely accurate units, giving high torque and speed to deal with a variety of lens sizes and types. As well as recording and playing back programmed moves, the motors are fully backdrivable so can record a manual focus pull for later replay. Visit the Focus/Iris/Zoom Lens Control Motors page for more information.

Preston/Arri/C-Motion Interfaces

Preston/Arri/C-Motion Interfaces

The APFIZ units turn the popular Preston, Arri or C-Motion Focus, Iris and Zoom remote wireless units into fully motion controlled system that can be used on any Mark Roberts Motion Control rig. Each compact APFIZ unit can handle 3 separate motors, and allows Flair to record any movements of the motors made using the wireless controller. Visit the Preston/Arri/C-Motion Interfaces page for more information.

Triggers Box

Triggers Box

When using motion control, the use of GPIO (General Purpose Inputs and Outputs) is quite common for a variety of reasons, ranging from controlling lights, triggering other motorized equipment, generating light flashes, triggering from Time-Code comparators, etc. The triggers box offers a simple solution to connecting external equipment that can then be triggered into action through Flair at an exact point precisely and repeatably. Visit the Triggers Box page for more information.

Sync cables

To connect the rig or Flair software to the different types of cameras used for on/off, synchronisation and other camera functions.


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