The ultimate 2 or 3 axis motion control/remote head. Can carry a 45kg payload

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Very compact 2 or 3 axis head for larger HD cameras, RED users and some 16mm. Can carry a 15kg payload

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Simple, cost-effective, light-weight track system

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Low cost, precision rigs, heads and sliders

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Wide range of controllers to precisely achieve any type of motion

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Fully integrated IP controlled head for broadcast but can also be used for DSLR and motion control

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About Heads + DSLR Products

MRMC offers camera heads for motion control in a range of sizes, from the entry-level Robohead for the ultimate in portability, to the mighty Ulti-head that can handle the heaviest 3D video camera without flexing a single pixel. The SFH-30 and SFH-50 motion control heads handle intermediate loads up to 15 Kg in studio and movie set environments, and the AFC head offers slip rings and extra powerful motors for unlimited high-speed panning at broadcast and sporting venues.

We provide not only a variety of head sizes and roll options, but a range of electronic connections to other equipment as well. Our motion control heads have a multitude of industry-standard connectors for camera triggers, lens control motors, and bloop lights, and our electronics engineers can make custom systems and cables that suit your requirements.

Now that many DSLR cameras can perform double-duty as video cameras, many photographers are looking for motion control equipment that they can use with their DSLR. They want features seen on the big rigs, but in a compact size, and within reach of a DSLR budget. The SFH-30 and AFC camera heads satisfy the scaled-down requirements of DSLR video and stills photography without sacrificing the high precision and industrial quality that has made us famous in the motion picture industry.

Even if you abstain from shooting video and concentrate on single-frame, stop-frame, or timelapse photography, DSLR motion control can open up new worlds. The available range of speeds within our motion control units — and the range of possibilities — is huge. Imagine being able to use the same equipment to perform a high-speed pan on a passing car or a super-slow 10-minute pan on a passing snail.

You can create 3D stereoscopic pictures with a single 2D camera, with the S3 and S4 automated stereoscopic camera mounts. And the integration of the S3 and S4 with popular animation software such as Stop-Motion Pro, Dragonframe, and Animator HD can put your stop-frame photography into the fast lane.


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