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Where portability is an issue we use standard 1 meter wide dolly/crane track. However, Milos are generally provided with a bearing type rail to provide a superior foundation for studio use or very high precision shooting. Bearing rail is also easier and quicker to set up on location or in the studio due to its inherent rigidity and straightness. Mark Roberts Motion Control supply our own linear v-block ball- bearing rail which gives greater stability than any other type of rail, while remaining still an easily transportable system. bearing rails generally come in 3m lengths.

Precision Bearing Rail are the best type of rail for a Milo, by being specifically designed not to bend or twist during any motion or sudden accelaration or stopping. Additionally they fully support the Milo weight without any perceptable motion so even if the ground is uneven in parts or not fully supporting the load is very well distributed and there is little chance of any motion between shots or errors in position. They come in 3m sections and transport whole.

Lightweight bearing rails are an alternative option to the Precision bearing rail by delivering performance far in excess of industry standard dolly rail but at a reduced cost to Precision rail. Not that these are not precision pieces of equipment. They use the same high quality bearings as Precision rail but are constructed from lighter aluminium extrusion than the purpose built single welded fabrication of the Precision bearing rails. As such they are a little lighter and can be taken apart if needed for transportation (although it is recommended they are also transported whole).


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