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High Speed Column


The precision engineered animation stand column is designed for exceptional smoothness and speed during tracking. This is achieved through a superior design which centrally balances the camera carriage on the track.

Top track speed is 750mm per second. The advantages when used with video are that all tracks can be done in real time using the prime lens. This gives much higher quality than zoom lenses. Also using the prime lens, very tight fields (i.e. 5mm) are possible. The system is designed to accept a choice of prime lenses.

High Speed Table


Designed for use with either the High Speed Column or Manual Column. The table is supremely fast, capable of one rotation in 3 seconds. 520mm of travel is obtained on the E/W and N/S axes. As a film table this is exceptionally smooth and accurate. When used with video, the speed of the table allows shooting to be done in real time.

Manual Video Column

Alternatively, for those wishing to use a zoom lens in video shooting we supply a manual column for use with the high speed table. We can control any zoom lens with a ring gear. The Flair software includes zoom lens linearisation to prevent the subject from drifting in and out of frame during zoom.

Low Profile Removable Peg Bar

This peg bar system can be located on the animation table in any position at any angle. It is designed for optimum smoothness of operation and precision. The length of travel can be specified by the client of up to 1.5m.

Please note: Mark Roberts Motion Control reserves the right to change this specification.


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