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Mark Roberts Motion Control have a range of standard and custom solutions for high speed motion of cameras or anything that needs to be moved. Below is a selection of the growing number of solutions we provide.

BOLT High-Speed Cinebot
Easy intuitive high-speed robotic control

With our world leading experience in customized motion control and robotic automation for the film and television industries, we present BOLT, the High-Speed Cinebot, for high-speed, shoot-friendly and broadcast applications.

MRMC release the Bolt High Speed Cinebot

Together with our academy award winning software, the rig allows for moves that would otherwise be very difficult or time consuming to create or program to be ready in seconds.

With interfaces that exist or that can be added to any production tool, for any kind of on-set special effects and triggering, the system is versatile while keeping safety to an optimum.

Mariestads beer commercial shot with Bolt high speed cinebot

As well as maintaining safety at high speed, the system is also designed with portability in mind, to ensure the system can be ready in minutes for any application at any location.

MRMC can provide a large range of different sized robotic systems to allow for any payload from 1kg to 1000kg, while giving a full 6 degrees-of-freedom, at speeds that can literally be faster than the eye can see. Where needed additional high speed axes of motion can be added such as Track or turntables.

Sweatpants Media using Bolt to get some unique product shots

For high-speed shots and high frame rates such as 1000 frames per second or more, BOLT is the only way to achieve many of the exciting looks that directors are trying to create, where the camera is not only shooting fast but also moving fast at the same time.

BOLT has the ability to get up to full speed almost instantly so that the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back to standstill in fractions of seconds, literally following falling objects and capturing images that would be impossible by hand or any other method.


High Speed Linear Motor

The unit is designed with one purpose, to move in a straight line, over short distances in the blink of an eye. The video speaks for itself, it hasn’t been speeded up and shows what the unit can do.

High Speed Circulator – The Vortex

This completely wireless, battery powered unit is ideal for moving around a subject with the camera at speeds in excess of 5m/s (17’ per second). It can take a good payload and runs on industry standard dolly rail. The Diameter can be varied and because it is wireless, it can go round and round endlessly (subject to battery power).

Circular rail

British Airways 'Fly Well' Vortex Making-of


  • Easy intuitive graphical control
  • High-speed control of lens focus, zoom and iris
  • Interfacing to camera and external triggers
  • Full safety integration to comply with regulations
  • Import and export to 3D packages, Maya, etc
  • Industry standard Flair software control
  • Designed with specific functionality for the film and broadcast industries
  • Create complex moves in seconds
  • Ideal for high-speed filming
  • Lease and rental options


  • Interfaces to Canon or Fujinon Digital lenses
  • Touchscreen control
  • Virtual Studio and 3D data output
  • Tally light interfacing



  • MRMC can tailor to your exact requirements from 1kg payloads to 1000kg
  • Interface to set and model movers
  • Track options
  • Lighting, DMX, Timecode, realtime Virtual and Augmented Reality graphic interfaces
  • Can be floor or ceiling mounted (subject to size)
  • Compatible with almost any high-speed camera:


    • Weisscam HS2
    • Phantom Flex/Vxxx
    • Phantom Gold
    • Photron Fastcam
    • Phantom Miro
    • Arri Alexa
    • Arri Hi Motion
    • Olympus iSpeed
    • Red Epic
    • Sony


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