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Remote Head System


The Ulti-Head is our extremely accurate Pan Tilt head, specifically designed with capabilities as both a Remote/Repeat head and as a Motion Control head. Given this greater diversity than other remote heads, we have also designed and produced a control system, the MSA-20, that also switches between both capabilities.

The MSA-20 system is a system which allows you to use the Ulti-head as a remote head and have the facility of ‘manual play and record’. Simply plug in the handwheels and the head is ready for use. This means that the Ulti-head can be supplied and operated without the use of the Flair motion control software and the associated electronics and laptop. The MSA-20 is a totally intuitive system that can be operated by anyone with no more than a few minutes of training. Its simple menu system makes it ideal for dry-hiring to productions and cameramen with little or no technical knowledge.

As a remote head the MSA-20 handwheels (or optional pan-bars) provide exceptionally smooth operation and allow the movement to be recorded for repeat operations. With the capability to repeat and store programmed movements in the on-board memory this package will also interface with various CGI packages. Handwheel scalings and directions can be changed for user preference using a simple LCD screen and also stored. If additional storage is required or data for post-production then a simple serial port import and export facility is provided (see the MSA Archiver program in the downloads section).

The MSA-20 allows for common shoot requirements such as control of the camera start/stop and synchronization, general purpose output (for bloop lights), zoom and focus control inputs. Additionally, upto 9 (yes, 9 !) controls can be recorded simultaneously for later playback.

A wireless option can also be added. With an indoor range of up to 250 feet the wireless option allows even more freedom for the Director or DofP.

As the Ulti-Head is capable of being tripod, track or crane mounted and used as a remote or moco head, it is an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment. Optional equipment such as the track axis plate, dutch roll or 360 degree roll are available or can be purchased at a later date. Our unique design of focus motors and lens controllers are available to facilitate numerous functions of camera and lens control ensuring that the operator has full control.

Finally if you do require full motion control the MSA-20 handwheels can be converted by a flick of a switch and connected to the Flair Software.


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