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Triggers Box

GPI/O Trigger PCB

When using motion control, the use of GPIO (General Purpose Inputs and Outputs) is quite common for a variety of reasons, ranging from controlling lights, triggering other motorized equipment, generating light flashes or bloop lights, triggering from Time-Code comparators, syncing to external cameras, controlling external cameras. The list goes on. The Flair software and hardware has facilities for these built-in, and available through a 37-Way D-type connector. Users are free to connect equipment to these outputs and inputs of their choice. To aid in the use of the GPIOs or triggers Mark Roberts Motion Control have a Trigger Box PCB (244-068) which can ease the time taken to setup the use of these triggers. The PCB can be mounted in a box by the customer or Mark Roberts Motion Control.

The PCB has the following features:

  • 37-Way IDC ribbon connector for ease of wiring.
  • 5 Output trigger relays capable of switching 250VAC 5Amps (upto 13Amps optional) with LED indicators.
  • 3 Input Trigger test buttons.
  • External Camera sync pulse simulator for testing the synchronization to wild cameras, from 0.5Hz to 150Hz.
  • LED indicator showing the sync pulse simulator frequency.
  • Transistor switch and LED indicator for software control of starting and stopping external cameras.
  • High current connectors with removable screw terminals for quick connection to external equipment.
  • IDC ribbon connectors with all the indicators and control wiring to allow panel mounting of all LEDs and Controls.


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