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Focus/Iris/Zoom Lens Control Motors

The Mark Roberts Motion Control Focus, Zoom and Iris motors are precision machined, high accuracy units, giving very high torque and speed to deal with a variety of lens sizes and types. The high torque and speed mean they can deal with any lens whether stiff to turn, or requiring rapid zoom “crashes”.

Mark Roberts Motion Control are proud to announce the new & improved Lens Control Motor – it’s sleek, it’s small, it’s sexy and comes in an assortment of colours. Exclusively designed from operator feedback this stylish focus motor is exceptionally user friendly with most importantly an increase in power and speed, particularly useful for macro lenses or rapid crash zooms. As with all Mark Roberts Lens Control Motors it is fully backdrivable so additionally it can record a manual focus pull for later replay or exporting to CGI. The mounting arrangement has been radically improved to be able to secure the focus motor quickly and easily onto the matte bars and with greater torque and strength it can now move stiff and hard to turn lenses with ease.

Containing zero-backlash gearboxes, and adjustable clutch, the motors come with a range of output gears, of different tooth-pitch and length for different lenses. The output gears are very quick to change, ensuring the use of any lens is swiftly set up. The motors can also be “back-driven”, allowing the lens to be turned by hand, with the motor “learning” the motions, and replaying them at will, or for storing key-frames, when used in conjunction with Flair, Mark Roberts Motion Control’s Software.

Each motor is supplied with a set of 6 gears. This makes the unit work with any lens used with film or video cameras. Macro lenses can also be controlled with ease. The smaller gear is replaced with a longer gear to accommodate the larger lens-ring travel (here featured with the carriage).

The motors mount on 15mm and 19mm matt box bars.


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