Affordable and portable multi-axis motion control rigs

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Motion Control Software and tools to interface moco to 3D CGI packages

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Wide range of controllers to precisely achieve any type of motion required

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Accessories to speed up, simplify and facilitate on-set and post-production

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Move any object being filmed, from grams to tons or miniatures to cars

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Solutions for interfacing to any camera from DSLRs to IMAX

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Real-time On stage visualisation for live action

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We have a range of standard and custom solutions for high speed motion

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3D motion control with any 3D rig

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About our products

Mark Roberts Motion Control offers a complete range of robotic camera control equipment, from small hand controllers to complete rigs and everything in between. We have a proven reputation in the film and broadcast industries, not only for the industrial quality and precision of our products, but in the way that they work together. Our MSA-20 hand wheels controller, for example, can operate as a stand-alone head controller, or as a mimic device within a complete robotic camera system.

Most of our products have three ways to connect to other equipment: traditional serial connection, scalable Ethernet, and the super-robust DataLink that is famous for its dependability even in environments with high electrical noise.

We not only design and make products; we repair them, too. We give the highest priority to any broken or damaged equipment that is affecting a shoot or broadcast, and our experienced technicians can often suggest a work-around to get you through the shoot while the faulty part is being repaired or remade. But we don’t leave it there. Because we also design the equipment, we look at why the part failed so we can make it better.


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