Cine Gear 2012

Mark Roberts Motion Control are attending Cine Gear Expo again in 2012.

Look out for an exciting display of small heads and accessories all available right now. Some of these heads (15 in fact) are being used in the upcoming international sporting spectacle taking place in London England.

Cine Gear will be taking place at Paramount Studios Hollywood, CA.

Entrance to Paramount Studios

SFH-30 Under-slung with Red Camera Mounted

We look forward to seeing you there. You can meet a representative from
Mark Roberts Motion Control at booth 60.

SFH-30 with RED Epic / Scarlet

At Mark Roberts Motion Control we do a small pan tilt head perfect for the Scarlet/Epic sized cameras, it is called the SFH-30. The SFH-30 can be controlled over Ethernet running from a joystick back to an AV room. One joystick can control several heads or you can have a dedicated joystick for each, depending on your requirements. We recently had a client using the head with an Epic in a concert hall. Here below is a photo of the SFH-30 with a RED Epic and a 400mm zoom. We can also control the zoom and focus of the lens.

SFH-30 with Red Camera and 400mm Zoom

For more details on the SFH-30 or any other Head please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control. T: 01342 838 000 or

Aeon for iPhone

There is an upcoming new Aeon iPhone interface, allowing our SFH-30 Pan Tilt heads to be controlled wirelessly from the ever popular iPhone. The head can already be used with a PDA, or a netbook for doing simple timelapse shots, but the iPhone interface will make it the world’s first and only commercial motion control timelapse system that works from iOS, the operating system on iPhones and iPads. The SFH-30 head is popular because it is lightweight and small but super precise and strong allowing to carry everything from DSLRs to REDs and Alexa’s. It can be battery powered from a couple of V-mount batteries, ideal for any location shooting.

The MOCO Forum

*** Don’t Forget the Moco Forum *** 

Remember everyone is welcome to become a free member of the online motion control forum. It’s a great place to ask questions about motion control and how to get things done on set or off. We want to see this service get used as much as possible so join today.

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The RED Epic on the SFH-30 pan tilt head

The RED Epic on the SFH-30 pan tilt head



RED Epic on SFH-30 

The highly anticipated release of the RED Epic has begun rolling out with production versions now quickly making their way on to film sets and motion control rigs. We gave a new Epic, supplied by RED Europe based at Pinewood Studios, a test with one of the smallest of our products, the SFH-30 head.

It was like the head was designed with the Epic in mind. As you can see from the photo our SFH-30 pan tilt head fits the camera perfectly, right on the optical axis. With the SFH-30 weighing only 5kg combined with the Epic this is a very light weight package that can produce some amazing remote head and motion control shots.

The big question asked by operators is: “Can we sync to the RED Epic for motion control?” From our initial tests it seems everything hardware related is there and almost fully functioning for using the Epic for live-action, stop-frame, time-lapse, high-speed and even speed ramping. A few eagerly anticipated firmware adjustments by RED and the camera will interface perfectly to motion control for any type of special effect, something very few digital cameras have managed so far.

*** Precision Mini Pan/Tilt/Roll Head ***

*** Precision Mini Pan/Tilt/Roll Head *** 


The SFH-50 shown with the Arri Alexa and RED 

Click here to see footage of head on track at Interbee

The new roll option on the SFH-50 Pan Tilt head offers what MRMC believe to be the worlds most compact Pan Tilt Roll head capable of carrying a wide range of professional cameras including the Arri Alexa, Red One & Epic, Canon 5D & 7D. The SFH-50 head released last year is proving to be very popular and has already found its way into a variety of locations and applications, including being used in Antarctica for wild life filming, being used as a remote head for car mounted filming, filming a new 3D animated feature and a variety of standard motion control and remote head applications.

The SFH-50 head is slightly bigger than its counter-part the SFH-30 Pan Tilt head but is designed specifically to cater for slightly larger cameras and to allow the option of a 360 degree roll. It really is compact but superbly strong by any standard. We don’t believe there is any other head on the market that offers the range of motion or payload or high-precision in such a small size and additionally at such a low cost.

As you can see from the photos of it with the Alexa and the RED, it carries the large cameras with aplomb, and in the short video footage from the Interbee exhibition in Japan, it can also be used with track and does equally well with long ENG type cameras and zooms. (with some minor restriction).

The head is designed to adapt to different uses, whether on a crane as a remote head, on a tripod or track for timelapse footage, in studio or on location for motion control work, it will fulfill any task with ease. The controllers can include wireless PDAs, Handwheels, Joysticks, Pan-bars or full motion control software, and that includes any motion control software, be it our own Flair software (recommended), Kuper or Lynx.

If you would like to have more information please email

*** Talos at Vis a Vis Film Germany ***

*** Talos at Vis a Vis Film Germany ***

 The below commercial for the VW Golf was shot in Berlin, Germany with the Talos motion control rig based at Vis a Vis Film. For the interiors the Vis a Vis Film crew used the SFH-30 pan tilt head with the RED One on it. The SFH-30 was choosen due to its compact size to get close ups of the car’s interior features.

Click here to see the making of this commercial by Vis a Vis Film

The extremely versatile SFH-30

The extremely versatile SFH-30 

From basketball and football broadcast events, stop frame animation, remote head camera work for commercials to crowd timelapse photography, the SFH-30 seems to be everywhere making that perfect shot attainable. Due to its small light-weight build, low cost, high precision and its ability to handle the RED and other small HD cameras, the SFH-30 is rapidly becoming the remote and motion control head of choice for DSLR and small HD cameras.

For more information on the SFH-30 click here or if you are looking to pencil in a rental of the SFH-30 email or call +44 (0) 1342 838 000.

This past month the SFH-30 was used with a RED camera in Japan.  The head was being used as a remote head to get in and film in detail the inside of a car.  Below are some pictures from the shoot.

Aardman Animations add the SFH-30 to their arsenal of moco equipment.

Aardman Animations add the SFH-30
to their arsenal of moco equipment.


SFH-30 on set

Triple Oscar Winners Aardman Animations Ltd. have just acquired the SFH-30.

This compact, lightweight pan tilt head is designed specifically for Digital SLR, compact video, HD cameras or even the RED camera. The SFH-30 provides precision and accuracy not normally found with similar sized heads, making it suitable for a much wider range of applications. The head is precise enough to be completely pixel accurate with HD and super-HD cameras, lightweight (at 5kg) to be used on any location for that perfect timelapse shot and strong enough for a wide range of cameras and lenses.

Mr. Ian Fleming, Head of Production Technology at Aardman Animations Ltd. had the following to say, “we are pleased to add our first SFH-30 pan tilt head to our existing range of 11 Flair Systems, including 3 Milos. With much of our work now gearing towards DSLR cameras, the SFH-30 head is compact, accurate and ideal for our animation needs and I look forward to using many more of them in earnest.”

For more information on the SFH-30 click here. Or contact us

The RED Camera used on Mark Roberts Motion Control rigs

The RED Camera used on Mark Roberts Motion Control rigs

With the first RED cameras shipping at the end of 2007, we are now starting to see them being used in conjunction with precision motion control.

Dennis Henry, owner of MC2 used a RED camera on his Cyclops motion control rig and had the following to say, “The shoot was a Nip Tuck sponsorship for FX Channel. The shoot involved macro abstract to reveal different medical environments. The moves were pretty fast and shot in real time without any camera shake.

“The RED camera worked very well. It’s much more compact than standard HD cameras and has a really solid mounting plate like a 435. We shot at 4k res onto 8gb cards which were downloaded onto a MAC running RedCine software for grading and final output to digi tape.”

RED camera on the Cyclops. Courtesy of MC2

Meanwhile The VFX Co. recently also did a shoot with a RED camera on their Milo. The RED camera was supplied courtesy of Ross Media who will be at the Mark Roberts booth at the BSC Show.

RED camera on the VFX Co. Milo. Courtesy of Ross Media

RED camera on the Milo. Courtesy of the VFX Co.

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