Polycam One is an operator led, semi-autonomous video capture solution that enables an operator to deploy and capture a sports event with the assistance of multiple algorithmically controlled robotic heads. The operator can focus on the action and the robots will provide complementary shots such as wide angle, reverse and tactical.

Up to
Heads Controlled
Operator Required

Key Features

Introducing Polycam One

Polycam One is built around the operator. You control the action and the pace. With easy customisation for a variety of sports, Polycam One allows a single operator to produce a multi camera sports capture and positions cameras in places where a normal camera position may not be available.

The entire system is controlled via our IP enabled pan bars for complete control. Using our intuitive UI you can switch to any camera in the network to ensure the perfect shot.

Its flexibility allows you to choose how many cameras you need. With up to 12 heads supported, a single operator can deploy and run the solutions.

Follow the Play

With Polycam One, the operator follows the action they want and the rest of the robotic heads will automatically know where the action is on the field of play and provides complementary shots. These may be wider shots, a tactical view, a goal line angle or a post-match analysis view.

Polycam One can be configured to the sport being captured to give the most dynamic shot available. The system has the capability to be upgraded and enhanced through software updates. This allows your production capabilities to evolve over time without the need to invest in additional equipment.

You Call the Shots

Polycam One’s flexibility allows you to choose how many cameras you need. With up to 12 heads supported, a single operator can employ and run the solutions.


Polycam One can be used with fixed
or temporary robotic heads depending on your requirements. The solution can be rapidly deployed to different sports venues. Configuration takes only a few minutes through the intuitive touch capable UI and the venues can even be saved for return visits.

Maintain Your Control

Polycam One’s UI allows the operator to switch to direct manual control of any of the attached robotic heads at any time to dynamically adjust the framing of the subject.

Polycam One Sports Compatibility


Suitable for football


Suitable for Rugby


Suitable for basketball


Suitable for baseball


Suitable for Tennis


Suitable for Hockey


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