A Triumph for the Milo

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For The Ride – Thruxton, Rocket…and a Milo?

If you follow any of our social channels, you may have seen the behind-the-scenes of us working with the Milo arm . . .this project was conceived as an interactive web experience for the viewer to get up-close & personal with the new Thruxton through the Triumph website. (Hence no funky soundtrack on this one!) We have adapted the original footage to make it blog friendly.

And here it is in all its glory…

The secret bikes were under embargo as we spent a few days in the studio with them in January, although the preparation had started way before Christmas with the creative concept, design & manufacturing of the set build. Triumph Motorcycles launched their uber cool TFC (Triumph Factory Customs) Thruxton & Rocket last week – everyone needs one of these in their toy cupboard!

In the words of Triumph themselves, Triumph Factory Customs are designed and crafted to be the most beautiful, exclusive and desirable Triumphs ever made. An extraordinary rich and raw British sound from the Thruxton TFC one off exhaust system…

The Milo motion control rig enabled us to capture the craft of the motorcycle with pinpoint accuracy in the moves we wanted to achieve…

To find out more about the Milo Rig click here

The Rise Of The Robotic Camera

Article: The Rise Of The Robotic Camera | from The Broadcast Bridge | By Adrian Pennington

The rise of the PTZ camera, discussed in a previous post, fits into the wider trends for remote operation, robotic cameras, and automated content production. We spoke with Mark Roberts Motion Control (Nikon-owned since 2016), one of the pioneers in robotic cameras to gain insight into the drivers for this, new applications and future developments.

The film and TV industry continues to benefit from automation efficiencies with motion control robotics compatible with third party products throughout entirely automated workflows. Machine vision and real-time image analysis are helping to augment the control of moving cameras, while robust IP architecture permits extreme remote operation. Systems are getting smaller, saving camera footprints and opening up a wider range of potential positions while the layers of system redundancy and control options reduce risk in live operations

Assaff Rawner, CEO of MRMC suggests another reason for take-off:

“Taking viewers closer to the action and providing more unique perspectives and engagement is one. Another is consistency of output made possible through repeatable programmed moves. Also, the demand on space, whether seats in stadiums or modular studios, is increasing pressure to reduce the operational footprint of cameras whilst accommodating for the demand of increasing camera angles.”

Simplicity of integration in existing production workflows is one of the key advances of robotic cameras. MRMC has focused on a simple plug and play approach to broadcast robotics releasing a range of Polycam and MHC products products tailored to remove the complex user operation usually associated with multi-head robotic camera systems.

Its acquisition of Camerobot last year, has also brought together best of breed hardware and software to create a new level of broadcast studio multi-axis robotic studio solutions including VR and AR integration with all the major vendors.

With the rise in quality of small format cameras, advancing motor technology and motion control software, together with new levels of product design aesthetics, robotic camera positions are bringing a level of motion usually associated with manually controlled fluid heads and in positions that add further value to productions. Such advances are allowing robotic cameras moves to be cut live to air (rather than just replays) and, through a wider range of payload and mounting options, opens the possibility of more camera positions without compromise to venue audience space.

“Another area of growth for robotic cameras has been in the rise of remote productions (or REMIs),” says Rawner. “With the increasing availability of stable high-bandwidth networks, the control of camera robotics over IP is an attractive proposition to lower production costs and minimise travel. MRMC has standardized on IP control for all of its robotic range with built-in features such as network diagnostics, IP video encoding at the camera head and localised user client applications for full feature remote control.”

To read the full article visit The Broadcast Bridge Here

NEW Polycam One – Single Operator, Multi Camera Workflow

Designed for live sports capture, Polycam One is an innovative, portable, multi-camera workflow solution that gives a single operator the ability to record a match from multiple camera positions simultaneously.

Polycam One maps out the playing area and the locations of up to 12 robotic cameras. The camera operator follows the action with the ‘main’ camera, while Polycam One controls the additional robotic cameras, following the focus of the ‘main’ camera.

MRMC’s Algorithmic Camera Control lets the operator concentrate on covering the action while the Polycam One system provides complimentary shots, such as a wide or high tactical view, which can be used for highlights, replays or adjudication.

The robotic cameras are IP connected, allowing the operator, or an additional remote operator, to adjust and control them in real time providing a more dynamic visual experience.

Easily deployed and configured by a single operator, Polycam One is perfect for use in multiple locations and can be set up in venues where conventional camera positions are not available. The portable nature Polycam One makes it ideal for smaller or temporary venues that may not have the infrastructure to support automated tracking solutions, and also gives sports teams the ability to easily capture footage from multiple angles at training grounds.


Latest MRMC Technology at IBC Show

IBC Show 2018 Banner

Join Us for the Latest MRMC Technology at IBC Show

After a huge show at NAB earlier this year occupying the largest stand we’ve ever had, we now plan for IBC 2018. Partnering with Nikon B.V., this year we’ll have multiple stands, demonstrating the latest MRMC technology at IBC, including a highly exciting interactive Bolt display!

Sharing the show with Nikon B.V., our main location will be in Hall 10, stand D.26, (map location) where we’ll be featuring intelligent, low footprint multi-camera robotics solutions for applications such as live events and pop-up studios. We’ll have hands-on demonstrations of Polycam Chat and Polycam Player, used with our IP controlled Robotic Pod (housed with a Nikon D5) and AFC-100s showcasing both fully automated and user augmented touchscreen motion control. Additional robotic camera solutions on the stand include the Studiobot (a 6-axis alternative to traditional robotic pedestals and dollies for TV and news studios); the high payload capacity Ulti-head (recently used by Fox Sports’ studio to bring coverage of the World Cup); and the lightweight, completely silent Whisper head.

We’ll also be in Hall 12, stand F.11, (map location) demonstrating the new high speed, lighter weight robot Bolt Jr., which makes its show debut! The compact 6-axis camera robot arm is ideal for smaller studios, film sets or on location. A smaller, lighter weight option to the Bolt, the Bolt Jr. is a perfect solution where space, weight and manoeuvrability are key. The Bolt Jr. is available on either pedestal or with track. The Bolt Jr. will be paired alongside the world’s fastest cinebot, the Bolt!

To see the Bolt Jr. in action enjoy the short showreel below by the incredibly talented Where It’s Greater

Andy Murray on High Speed 360 Rig for Jaguar Sponsored Wimbledon Spot

Andy Murray on High Speed 360 Rig for Jaguar Sponsored Wimbledon Spot

MRMC’s High Speed 360 rig was used to capture dynamic footage of Andy Murray for a new Jaguar commercial. To allow Andy the freedom to move and strike the ball for the required shots, a specially designed larger platform was built that allowed him to perform safely.

Creative agency Wing London turned to MRMC’s Rentals team when searching for the perfect solution for capturing their vision for a series of Jaguar Sponsored Wimbledon promotional films, featuring some of Britain’s top tennis stars – Andy Murray, Jo Konta and Kyle Edmund.

Shooting at 1,000fps, the camera travelled continuously around Andy capturing every detail of every movement. The entire spot was shot under a rain machine and to further enhance the dramatic effect, a light source mounted to the top of the system creating a powerful, dynamic look.

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