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Today the requirement for VFX equipment goes beyond Film & TV. From Broadcast to Product Photography, industries across the world are demanding cutting edge solutions and VFX gear to keep pace with the ever-changing media world. Universities and academic institutions are no exception.

Academic Institutions and Filmmaking Programmes

As the melting pot for the next generation of cinematographers, directors and VFX specialist, it is no surprise academic institutions are in need of the best technology to educate their students. Audiences today expect the highest visual quality, not just for mainstream movies, but for simple YouTube videos. Keeping pace with technology and equipment is essential to meeting these market expectiations.

We want to give you every opportunity to educate and collaborate with your students. Therefore, MRMC has a special pricing tier for all academic institutions. With numerous universities already using our products, why not drop us a line to see how we can help you?

Film Students

If you are a film student and interested in learning more about our equipment, get in touch with us today. We can help point you in the direction of useful tutorials, downloads and information about or products.

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Case Study

Birmingham City University, UK

Birmingham City University acquired the Milo to train their students. They were approached by Quench Design to shoot the new title sequence for Maverick TV’s production “How to Look Good Naked” using their Milo.

This invaluable experience for undergraduates clearly signals a new direction for the university in the way it can contribute to creative work in the region.



Case Study

Korean University Students Create Magic

In 2007 supplied a Talos II (also known as a Mini-Milo) to the Visual Media Lab at Kaist University in Korea.

The Talos rig is installed in the same studio as their motion capture equipment, and has been successfully used by their graduates as part of a media course – including a project to create an advertisement for a popular board game.



Case Study

University of Teesside

The School of Computing at the University of Teesside maintains state of the art equipment across all areas of its work. The University has recently built a new post production/sound stage studio.

They have also equipped themselves with motion control technology and are up and running with the Ulti-Head and Modula Base from Mark Roberts Motion Control.

More academic institutions using our products

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