Important Applicant Information

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) consists of a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, each one bringing skills, knowledge, or qualities to the company, to create an environment where the development or manufacture of innovative and useful products can take place.

If you feel you have something valuable to add to the company, please send us your CV.

NOTE: Please contact us direct, No recruitment agency cold calls will be answered or considered.

Current Vacancies:

We currently would be interested in hearing from you if you have any of the below skills:

Service & installation Engineer (Worldwide)

We have an opening for a service Engineer for our worldwide fleet of Motion Control equipment. Initially working under the guidance of our current Senior Service Engineer, any applicant must be able to travel freely worldwide under a British or European passport and speak English fluently to be able to communicate clearly with our international clients.

Good Basic Electronic & Electrical knowledge is required as well as experience in servicing machines or mechanical devices.

Essential Qualities:

  • Strong Command of the English language
  • Additional languages a Bonus
  • Current and Valid UK / EU Passport with freedom to travel to any land
  • Good Basic Electronic & Electrical knowledge

GUI Software Developer

Experienced programmer required for creating new or dramatically improving existing user interfaces on Windows based Visual C++ software, iOS & Android UI experience is a bonus too, but our main objective is to enable the graphics & code to provide a better experience and more contemporary and professional look to our Academy Award winning software which was created using VC++.

Electrical Draftsman & Wireperson

This is kind of self-explanatory but we are looking for an experienced wire-person who is also adept at documentation and taking engineers hand drawn sketches and wring diagrams and turning them into proper drawings, preferably in electronic format so they can be reproduced or presented to a customer.

These are generally just wiring diagrams or one time diagrams that may involve simple electrical or electronic components like relays or diodes. Complex electronic circuits are drawn by the engineers and are not a requirement.

Excellent wiring and soldering skills are a requirement and the ability to quickly change from one project to another in a company that deals a lot in one-off or small batches.

Electronics Engineers

We are always interested to hear from experienced electronics engineers who are familiar with SMD PCB design, are inventive and can come up with novel solutions. We are not actually looking to recruit any new candidates at this time, but if we come across a CV that shows great potential then we are happy to give it consideration. Please feel free to contact us, but NO recruitment agencies.

Web Developer

Our online presence is ever growing and is our most important marketing tool. We are looking for a creative web developer, to work on our front end website / new microsites / webpages and back end development as well as work on the day to day updating and changes required to the websites.

The Applicant must be able to be proficient not just technically but also creatively in writing content, creating images, photos & graphics. This may even involve taking product photos, writing tutorial storyboards and scripts for online videos and video editing.

This role also involves expanding the social networking and content of the websites as well as the e-commerce abilities & content. It may also include some company I.T. work from time to time.

Freelance Motion Control Operators

We welcome any experienced freelance moco operators to contact us to operate on commercials and feature films from time to time when the need arises. You are also welcome to use our in house equipment to brush up on your skills or try out new techniques or features.

Mechanical Engineer

Do you have experience designing robotics or film industry equipment? Or are you an industrial designer? Are you a current Solidworks user? Are you good at creating stiff but light structures or good at ergonomic design and thinking about the practicalities of using finished parts, machines or equipment? Do you consider cost-effectiveness or more efficient manufacturing when designing equipment? Send us your CV Today! We might be able to work together.


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