An IP-based robotic camera system that enables networked cameras to simultaneously track a subject of interest from multiple perspectives.

Polycam enables a single operator to automatically control the synchronous movement of numerous cameras and provide accurate tracking shots during live events. With IP connectivity and scalable architecture, the system benefits from unrestricted operating distances and ease of integration with next generation IP broadcast camera, lens, statistical and image analysis technology.

In addition to simplifying multi-camera configurations, Polycam offers reduced production costs and overheads.

The patent-pending Polycam system has developed out of the Academy Award-winning precision technology for which Mark Roberts Motion Control is industry renowned.

The system offers Broadcasters the same consistency of camera positioning that has made the most demanding of motion control composite sequences possible for many major movies.

The Polycam Family

Polycam comes in 3 main configurations, with slightly different applications:

  • Polycam Solo
  • Polycam Velocity
  • Polycam Auto

Polycam Solo – is the general form that allows the user to manually and simultaneously control multiple perspectives/cameras from a single controller. It can be used for any application or event.

Polycam Velocity – designed to simplify control of multiple cameras at race tracks and other circuits where the path of the subject matter is well known. The user need only change the speed of the cameras following the path. Particularly suitable for racing sports.

Polycam Auto – is designed to interface to 3rd party image analysis and tracking systems, such as ChyronHego's TRACAB, and automatically control the point of interest of the camera.The operator simply selecting which player or point of interest to follow. Particularly suitable to field and court sports.

Polycam System Overview

Polycam can be operated by a number of MRMC control interfaces including Pan Bars and Joystick. Zoom and focus can also be adjusted using existing broadcast controllers.

Pan Bars



Joystick Console






Zoom, Focus, (Iris if required) and Robotic Head movement commands are sent as IP data to camera positions deployed in the field. This allows interfacing with a live production via multiple delivery methods:












Polycam interfaces with IP video network devices and current camera/CCU connectivity, without the need for additional cabling.

Standard network connectivity and open design features offer integration with statistical and image analysis systems.


  • Enables automated, constant and fluid tracking of a point of interest through multiple perspectives
  • Allows a single operator to offer a simultaneous multi-camera viewpoint
  • IP-based system control allowing for unrestricted operating distance and scalable architecture
  • Potential to expand points of interest through integration with stats and image analysis systems
  • Production cost savings through reduced operator requirements
  • Simplifies multi-camera set up and configurations
  • Primary perspective is instantly changeable to any of the networked camera positions


  • Live Sporting Events
  • Live Concerts
  • Studio-based Productions
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Live Promotions
  • Parliamentary and Judiciary
  • Installations


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Introducing Polycam:
A Broadcast Innovation





Polycam Diagram

Broadcast Robotic Heads

Polycam can be used in conjunction with robotic heads such as:


For POV, ENG and Portable Broadcast Cameras. For complete product specifications and details, click here.


Where additional clearance is required for larger broadcast cameras in underslung configuration, use the SFH-50. For complete product specifications and details, click here.


For 3D rigs and larger Camera and Lens configurations. For complete product specifications and details, click here.



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