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Pan Bars

Pan Bars are a very natural way of controlling the pan and tilt on a remote or motion control head. While some may struggle to get the exact motion they want using handwheels or a joystick, pan-bars are the simplest form of control and give the user a completely natural and easy method of moving the head remotely, so simple even a child could use it. Pan bars can be added as a plug in option for any of the other controllers or be used on their own with their own memory console. Any of the functions available on the Joystick console or the Handwheels can be used with the pan bars too.

It is also possible to add focus, zoom and iris controllers onto the handles of the pan bars as well as mount a small monitor to the top of the pan bars fluid head to see the exact camera viewpoint as the bars are moved.

The Pan bars attach to a standard tripod, with options for bowl or Mitchell mounts too. Also MRMC can adapt any existing Fluid head to be used as a set of pan bars, so if a user already has a fluid head or there is a particular model he really like the feel of we can adapt it to interface with any of our motion control and remote heads.



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