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Introducing the Cam Controller

Cam Controller: the world’s first iPad app designed for the control of multiple robotic cameras in broadcast applications.

This innovative, powerful controller has been designed to mimic traditional Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) joystick controllers via a virtual onscreen joystick and buttons. Simply select which camera and which preset position to use and you can start shooting immediately. The Cam Controller makes camera robotics for studio automation simple and cost-effective thanks to its inexpensive touch-screen technology and groundbreaking app.

Studio Automation

Key Benefits

  • Record and playback pans, tilts, tracks, lift, X/Y, focuses, zooms, irises or any type of motion.
  • Store preset positions or entire on-air moves for one or more cameras simultaneously.
  • Deploy an unlimited number of moves/presets, move durations and robotic cameras.
  • Integrate with Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality systems via serial or UDP/Ethernet.
  • MRMC heads can drive Canon/Fujinon Digital & Analog lenses directly, plus any lens with external motors can be used.

Ergonomically Excellent

Exploit simple, intuitive touchscreen controls designed to look just like traditional PTZ joystick controllers at a fraction of the cost of a 19” PTZ controller, plus all camera/move buttons can be customised for ease of identification.

Every Move You Make

Cam Controller stores not only presets but entire moves, and is able to control multiple axes of motion, including pan, tilt, X/Y (track/lift), focus, iris and zoom – or any other axis of motion. Key opening, closing or signature shots can be programmed too and repeated at the push of a button.

Unlimited Control, Unlimited Potential

The unit connects wirelessly via IP-based wi-fi with communication over Ethernet or internet/WAN, making it possible to control pan-tilt heads remotely.

Clear, Simple, Efficient

Onscreen feedback on the iPad’s screen clearly shows which cameras are being used in any programmed move/preset, and adding or removing cameras from a recording is quick, intuitive and straightforward.

Download Now

View the Cam Controller information pack for more details.


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